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not saving for my Eglu and chooks any more.....

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:) .....because when I got home from playschool / mother and toddler group (yawn) the most lovely letter was on my mat. My Great Uncle (who is 95) has decided he doesn't want to wait until he dies so he's dishing out everyone's inheritance now!! I'm not a millionaire or anything, but I don't need to worry about saving for my Eglu, and I can buy the GREAT BIG tent I wanted but couldn't really justify. Plus we're also going to buy a little putt along family boat (sounds posh I know or it did to me, but they're really not much money) more than we could have justified before but it means that basically, as soon as there's a long weekend and the weather looks good, we can drop everything load up the tent and the boat and off we go. It's so hard getting a package deal for 3 children when they're little - adjoining rooms don't cut it for me when the eldest is only 6, so now - ready made family holidays in Swanage, or Weymouth or any other part of lovely Dorset that we love! I am SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO excited. Great Uncle Charlie, if you're reading this, which you won't be, but thank you thank you thank you - wait til I tell him what a difference he's made to our lives already!! (Had to tell someone - hubby knows but isn't home yet!) :lol::P
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yes fab news. And what a great idea from your great uncle.....how nice it must be to see your family enjoying his money whilst he's still alive....it must bring him much pleasure.


Enjoy it and let us know what else you treat yourself too! :)

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