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I do hope I don't have one THIS big....

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That can not be healthy for the child!!!


If she doesnt have much money for food, what is she feeding her other children on? I bet they have a poor diet.


She shouldnt be having children if she cant provide a good diet for them.


Sorry to be the negitive perrson here!


I don't think you are being negative, but a little bit naive maybe?

Russian women's healthcare is appalling. They have almost no access to contraception (many will not have it anyway due to religious reasons) and their diets are terrible, not down to money, but due to their circumstances. My H went to work in Russia briefly and the degradation and poverty appalled him.

I don't think many people in Russia have a choice. I am sure if she could stop having babies she would. I am sure if she could eat better she would. I am also sure that if she could have more money, she would too!

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The blue stuff is anti-bacterial Laura, like iodine or the purple spray we use on chooks - they don't clamp the umbilicus there like we do here. Just different procedures I guess.


I read the article at lunchtime and it made my eyes water - poor woman. I've travelled to a lot of underdeveloped countries in my time (and lived for a time in some of them), and the hardships they bear are unbelievable to us, but normal to them - they find our cultures and beliefs weird.

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:lol::lol: Come on Shona.....hand over those chocolates you've got hidden under the bed.... :wink::lol:


What a big baby! I bet Mum has got very sore feet from carrying all the extra weight around. Still - as long as the baby is healthy, and the Mother has made a good recovery.......Annie, you made some excellent points there too. I personally don't see anything bad in eating basic foods like potatoes, tomatoes and noodles. It's a lot better than the millions of ready meals and jars of baby food that us lot get through every day.

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Well after seeing that - I think I'll pass on having any children! Not only is the baby big, but it's erm well ugly too!

I don't really do babies - toddlers yes, because then they are little people with big attitude, but babies......ugh!


I watched a program called body shock a while back where the mother had this really big child, but it turned out that she gave him steroids to make him big as she wanted him to be a sumo wrestler! They are Olympics mad etc! Why don't they put the welfare of there children before fame & wealth?




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