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had a great time.

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Ross and I have decided , after sweet talking with some people :wink: . We are moving to River Cottage territory,.


In about 2 yrs.


Had a brilliant weekend. Seth and Hugh had a ball together, and they ate Organic Lamb and Salad as did ross, and i had nothing to eat as i was too busy! Appart from looooooads of Elderfower stuff! Jam, Cordial etc


Apparently Hughs Son Freddie's best friend is called seth :):wink:


Lots of Love . Laura xxx

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He makes me weak at the knees :lol: that avatar is not going to make it easier for me to spend less time on here!


We met Hugh at the Bristol food festival a couple of years ago and he signed my daughter's copy of 'cook on the wild side'


I was treasurer of our local playgroup when his cousin was chairperson, she was just as nice. I must go to River cottage 1 day we love Dorset.

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