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Spot the Chicken Competition

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OK I'll put you out of your misery! ( :lol: )

There are 7


The 2 obvious ones - Bella the campine and Florrie the gingernut,

No3 - Pom on the far left, you can just see her frilly knickers by the fence.

No 4 - in front of Pom, at the base of the fence, you can just see her buff back: Rosie;

No 5 - in front of Rosie at the base of the fence, you can just see a hint of ginger: Beryl

No 6 - Look at Bella again, see where her tail joins her back, there is a splodge of black behind her: Big Bertha sunbathing

No 7 - very difficult unless you zoom in, behind the red hot poker leaves and just in front of the chicken wire you can just see a triangle of Ruby's blue feathers.


So, a draw between Moochoo and Fred. Here you go:


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