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Birthday Present

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Well I had so much to do today as it's Dan's birthday and I need to bake him a cake etc. But Helly Welly posted about a new supplier just up the road from me and I just couldn't resist. So for his 5th birthday my son has his very own chicken. But while I was there I had to get the other 2 boys a chicken each (well it was their birthdays 3 weeks ago). :oops:

Meet Roley Mo (Merrydale Copper Black), Little Bo (Merrydale Snowbell) and Bambi (Merrydale Crested).



It's a lovely place - I'd recommend it. She also breeds Cochins and Orpingtons - they were stunning (if only I had the space!) and a fabulous variety of bantams including pekins, frizzles, polands etc.


We've had a great morning. And we met Helly Welly and her OH and daughter (she didn't leave empty handed either :lol: )

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Thanks all, I'm really pleased with them, they are really sweet little girls, and surprisingly tame already. All tucked up in bed now 8)


I had to laugh at the breeders - we went to see her 'big' pure breeds and the first thing Daniel did was grab one (a gold laced orpington or something - absolute stunner) and tuck it under his arm. It was nearly as big as him! :lol:


Hazel - I don't think you could come away empty handed!


Fee - that's what I thought! They cannot guarentee blue eggs from her, just an 80% chance. She was the last crested hen left and is so pretty, I just couldn't leave her behind! And as I already have two blue egg layers, some pastel eggs would be a nice change!

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Lovely chooks Snowy, :D


Just out of curiosity (and I really need that Black Frizzle I saw :roll: )

... Did you put your new chooks straight in with the others or are you keeping them seperate???


I have a big run but only a cube......


Helen :lol:


I have the same Helen - large run and cube. I let all the existing girls out to freerange and put the new girls into the run. Throughout the day I added the old hens one at a time starting with the lowest in the pecking order. At supper time, I put down 3 bowls of their supper leftovers and let the last few top hens in. They were fine, just a bit of posturing but all too busy stuffing their faces to fight. I shut the cube door that first night (had to go in and post the new girls in - one of the benefits of a walk in run).

Next morning I let them out of the cube and scattered some corn and mealworms, again to keep them preoccupied with food. Left them together for a couple of hours, then let the bossiest hens out to freerange. Same today but didn't let them out until after lunch.


It's working so far, they are all intact at least! :lol:


Helly you are right - I couldn't leave her behind. They are lovely hens aren't they? 8):lol:

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