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Refridgerator Cake

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Found this recipe on another forum :oops: It is scrummy :D


Refridgerator Cake


200g chocolate

200g digestive biscuits

100g butter

2 tbsp golden syrup

2 tbsp sugar

4 tsp cocoa

handful of raisins


Line a swiss roll tin with baking parchment


Crush biscuits (put them in a plastic bag and bash with a rolling pin)

Melt butter, sugar, golden syrup, cocoa in a pan

Add raisins and crushed biscuits and mix well

Pour mixture into a swiss roll size tin and press down

Melt chocolate and pour over the mixture

Put in fridge and leave to set for about an hour

Cut into about 20 pieces


I used 300g of chocolate :oops::D and cut the cake into 10 pieces :oops::lol:

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I'm making this later. We bought some 'Tiffin' at Whirlow Hall Farm on Saturday, it's basically the same thing and it was gorgeous! My nana used to make something similar when we were little but my mum lost the recipe :( This is as close as I've tasted to my nana's cakes so can't wait to get cracking! :D

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I was determined to start a weight loss programme but the trouble is we have too many ingredients in the cupboard to use up first and they're all fattening and there's no way I'm chucking them out; I can't abide waste and can't afford to chuck them out so I'll just have to keep making cakes for now! :roll::lol:

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I've just made a variation on this, I used less digestives and added a couple of roughly chopped Crunchie bars and some mini marshmallows:D Have not tried it yet, but have very high hopes for it :lol:


ETA - Hubby has asked that I dont make it again. He has been scoffing it since he came home and declared it delicious. He asked what was in it, I said, Chocolate, cocoa, golden syrup, butter, sugar, digestive biscuits, crunchies, mini marshmallows and raisins. His reply, 'ah, raisins, does that make it a healthy snack?' :lol:

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Glad you all like the cake.


I haven't made it for ages and you are all posting delicious sounding variations. Good job I don't have most of the ingredients and I am not supposed to have much diary products (which includes chocolate :cry: in my diet).

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I made this on Friday and had to make some more yesterday because it had all vanished so quickly and it was so yummy! My mum asked me if there was anything remotely healthy in it :lol:


Its very similar to a cake that i often make. The recipe came from my auntie friend so the cake is named after her(so we all laugh when i ask if anyone wants any Judith!). Its very similar but without the cocoa powder and no nuts.



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I've just looked up this recipe again as I've been informed that I need to do some home baking for 30 kids for Monday :shock: .


YS is going on "projects", a 12 day trip hillwalking, canoeing, mountainbiking and camping. Each parent has been asked to provide something (there are only 15 kids going so I suppose they'll get 2 bits each!)


The whole of 3rd year is sent away to leave the school quiet for exams :lol: .

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