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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

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A couple of days early but just in case I don't get chance to come on here over the next day or so I just wanted to wish everyone a





I hope that everyone has an happy and enjoyable festive period and it is everything that you would hope it to be 8)


I'm looking forward to my traditional brandy and babycham on Christmas morning, Mum and I always have one in the kitchen when getting dinner ready - only a tiny one this year due to being pregnant but that will make me enjoy it even more :D


Here's to a good end to 2007 and a wonderful 2008!



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We don't drink at all on Christmas Day - well maybe in the evening sometimes. It just makes us too sleepy and we can't cope! :lol::lol: Something to do with only having 6 hours' sleep, I think!


MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone here!

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Yes. A very merry Christmas to you all from Mr Grumpy!


I do hope everyone has a great few days, I hope you have family around you and enjoy the friendship that it all brings.


and I hope all your chickens have a super time too!


Hurrumph - I'm getting soft and emotional in my old age :lol:

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