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Cate in NZ

So excited I could burst!

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As most of you know I'm on a bit of an emotional roller coaster right now with our planned move to NZ, up until we embarked on this process I was fairly steady, sensible, calm, collected and so on........well, almost :oops: , but these days I'm lurching from near panic attacks to unbearable excitement :roll: .

Today is an exciting day, because, not only is it hubby's birthday, and we've just had through confirmation of the venue for our leaving party, but I've just heard from the estate agent and our house has sold :dance: .

I do know that this can be a painful process and that things can go wrong, so I'm trying to temper my excitement with a little bit of realism, but please humour me for now and let me fizz excitedly all over the forum :shock::lol::lol::lol::lol:

We've got a short chain (maybe too short :think: ........I'm not actually flying until June). We're top of the chain since we're not buying over here and our buyers have sold to first time buyers, so as long as surveys etc work out OK it could be a quick and easy process. Oh, and we got close enough to our asking price for me to be celebrating.

Anyway, I hope that by posting my news I'm not jinxing things, but there's been some real, miserable, wet, gloomy January stuff going on recently, so I wanted to lighten the mood with my happiness.

It might be a different story by the end of the week mind, I'm into son's school on Thursday to find out how he did in his mocks and to see what the teachers think of his progress and prodicted GCSE results :roll::wink:

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congratulations - it's an exiting/scary time isn't it! Fingers crossed that it all goes through - if you're at the head of the chain and there's only three people in it, you should be able to hold out for the date you want.


Remember, it's not the things you do that you regret, it's the things you don't do!

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Thanks all :D:D

I'm supposed to be working at the moment, but I'm having problems concentrating :oops::oops:



Rotorua got a mention on The Archers last week! ( I listen to the Omnibus on a Sunday.


I thought of you.


I missed it on The Archers, but Rotorua was also featured on "Wanted Down Under" last Friday morning............and the houses that they looked at were amazing, so much space with stunning views and cows in the back gardens. It might me impatient to get out there. Less than a month now before hubby goes, 5 months for me 8)

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