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I got the house back

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After the court hearing (where the tenants didn't turn up!) my possession order was effective from today.


At the weekend I heard they were moving out and my lovely neighbors there took their dog for a walk and clocked where they were moving into. On Sunday there was still quite a lot of their stuff there (I waited until dark, checked no lights came on and looked in from the back garden with the aid of a torch).


Today they had closed the curtains so after knocking for 5 mins I went in calling and they were gone. There are still a fair few things there but their suite is gone, telly gone, couple of beds without bedding upstairs, no real food in the cupboards etc. I promptly changed the locks (note to all DON'T pay a locksmith - its riciculously simple 1 screw!!!)


The place is dirty but a good scrub will clean it, the top door of the oven is broken and they seem to have nicked the shower (but I've already got he plumber booked to re-fit the bathroom). Unfortunately they have let the mould get hold on the window sills but I know how to get that off (the windows seal the house too well and they have been using the tumble dryier too).


Biggest problem for me at the moment is that the water is off - not sure who has done this, despite them owing the water company they havn't been cut off (you can't cut off water - health and safety). I will double check all the stopcocks tomorrow and call the water co if I have no joy. It may be that if there was a problem they didn't call as they owed money.


Found a letter from a debt collection threatening bailiffs over council tax. They signed up to cable without my permission too so had to point out to Virgin Media that whilst I wasn't the account holder they HAVE to remove it as I didn't give permission for them to install it in the first place. They switched the gas and electric without telling me too but British Gas told me who the new supplier was.


They have bagged up most of their rubbish but there are some things in cupboards/drawers etc and the following things left behind.


1 double bed & 1 single bed

1 cheap broken wardrobe

1 electronic organ (not sure if it works but it looks in good nick)

A fair few kids soft toys

1 television in a bedroom (unsure if working)

2 exercise machines (rowing and ab toner)

1 microwave, toaster, kettle, bread bin

3 bin liners full of videos


I'm supposed to store this stuff for 3 months in case they want to claim it but I have nowhere to store things.

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Good riddance eh Kathy. Glad it's worked out in your favour. You seem very on top of it all and very calm actually. Sounds like it could have gotten a lot worse than it already has, and it's stuff that you can sort easily. They must have got themselves into a bit of debt trouble, which is easily done isn't it, but why didn't they think about selling the stuff they left behind to gain a bit of extra cash.

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I am glad this is sorted out at last. I don't see why you should store their stuff, why don't you freecycle it?




Sadly there are some silly laws in this country and the landlord will have to store it for a while, then the landlord can dispose. Down right cheeky if you ask me - if they leave it you should have the right to get rid of it :D




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It's odd how sometimes the law really seems to protect the wrong people... hardly seems fair...

We lived in rented accomodation for years, and no agency or landlord would have kept anything we'd have left... I could understand if it meant a small thing left behind by mistake, or a garden thing left behind unintentionally, or any such 'one or two things' obviously forgotten, but loads of stuff just left behind cause it's broken or no good or people couldn't be bothered to take it with them, seems no fair at all...

After all, what could they do if it got thrown away? Surely they have no 'inventory' or official proof of the junk they left behind??

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well done on getting your house back.. it must be a major relief.


i'll have the rowing machine if they dont come back for it :lol:


I dont think I would take it round to them, as you will have to pay to get their stuff to their house. that doesnt seem fair to me :?

but then you will have to pay to store their stuff, so :?


anyway, either way, its yours again.






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Biggest problem for me at the moment is that the water is off - not sure who has done this, despite them owing the water company they havn't been cut off (you can't cut off water - health and safety).


Bad tennants are a real problem!. In respect to the water there should be a main 'rat box' in the street. The valve needs to be turned anti clockwise (undo) to be on.

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Thanks all.


Especially about which way to turn the valve for the water. I can't see why its off and despite their being some glasses on the sink I get the impression its been off for a while - the taps in the bathroom were hard to turn on as if they hadn't been used and the toilet cistern was empty - but some water came out of the kitchen tap so I don't think anyone had drained the system.


As for the stuff, it is an odd law and most of the stuff is just junk. I'll take some of it and put it in my summerhouse but I'll put the beds out for the council - if they come back looking for them I'll find them another one, those things get freecycled all the time! TBH they are not worth freecycling - its hard to imagine who would want them.

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When I get it cleaned up I already booked the bathroom to be done, I might also get some decorating done TBH it looked tatty a year ago when I moved out.


Then I'll rent it out again.

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