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Fox has got them

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I had a phonecall from my mum just now to say a fox had got into their run and killed all 4 of them :( We've had that run (not omlet) for a couple of years and they've never been able to get in before - i guess they finally figured it out. They were lovely chickens and I have really enjoyed having them in my life..........i doubt I will get anymore until I have my own house but no doubt I will continue to lurk around the forum when I get a chance. RIP

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Thanks guys - I moved out of home 5 months ago to my student house and i've been going back once a week to clean the girls out so I wont be getting more until i have my own house. They're run and house is huge and covered and we thought was fox proof but they found the section which didnt have paving slabs around it...........if anyone wants a nice big wooden house and 27 foot covered run then please contact me.

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Hey Rachel. So sorry to hear your news. I understand that waiting until you finish college would probably be the best option now.

Do stay in touch though. :D

If you are serious about the run and house, why not post in the "free to a good home" section on here?


Much love


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