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I can't go a day without.....

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ok fess up, whats everone addicted to?


mine are:


GOOGLE - i must go on there for everything, like 40 times a day... i am this mad researching woman.


Omlet [enough said]


Ebay :roll:


Cooking a type of cake / buiscuit in the kitchen mixer.


Kissing seth about 100 times.

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Looking up the weather

wearing earrings...feel naked without them!

telling hubby I love him everyday

phoning mum & dad

checking for something on ebay

watching & talking to the chooks - they are better than any tv!

wearing crocs at some point in the day

drawing something, whether it be a doodle or a proper picture

a lovely cup of coffee!!!! :D



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Yahoo messenger (my way to stay in touch with faraway friend)

my mobile phone... (I'm the kind of slightly insane person that can't bear to be more than 5 meters away from the mobile)

the internet (for all kinds of things... well my excuse is when you have been at home for 10 years looking after kids, you need a window onto the world and a shopping means that doesn't involve having to pop the kids in the car all the time)

Tea and coffee... and used to be wine as well (oh cava!!) but I've now stopped...


That's about it I think...

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The forum

I also constantly check weather forcast both on BBC and met office :roll:



Double lollies(we bought a huge tub from the hub and I have eaten loads they were supposed to be for the children) :oops:

Eggs and checking for eggs


My mp3 player

Stroking my cats and chickens

Cuddling OH and the kids

Burning paper in my woodburner ( I have turned into a real pyromaniac since we had it fitted) :shock:

I also don't like to miss tha Archers

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- Cuddles from my boys :D

- Laughing at my chickens as they come racing up the garden when they see me

- Smiling at my cats when they look so comfy asleep on our beds during the day - and I was never going to allow a cat upstairs as I'm allergic :oops:

- Reading news websites - I'm addicted to knowing what is going on in the world :oops:

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green tea (can't start the day without it then need it as a pick me up at regular intervals thereafter)


looking out of the window to see where the chickens are/what they are doing/ counting them...


giving hugs to my children and telling them I love them


talking to my cat


and I have to open windows to "change the air" even if its chucking down

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