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Rotweiller has attacked our girls

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My neighbour called me an hour ago to say the other neighbour's Rotweiller has got into my Garden and killed the chickens. I rushed home to find the dog still there, and primrose still alive on the ground. When I picked Lilly up she too was just alive. They were so badly maulded and the dog growled at me when I picked them up. I am sorry to say I gave it a kick but it is a huge male dog, I know it wasn't his fault. My neighbours have called the police but I am still waiting. I took the girls to the vet but he is unable to save them and has put them to sleep. I don't know how to tell my 12 year old son they are his pets, we've only had them 3 months and they laid every day. We are due to go on holiday in the morning it couldn't have happen at a worst time. I am devastated.



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How dreadful for you.



The least the rottweillers owner can do is buy you some new chickens when you're ready to consider some.


Report the matter to the police......If the dog misbehaves again, then they will have this incident on record, to hold against the owner.

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I am so sorry to hear your news.

My neighbour over the road has started to bring his Rottweiller home at the weekends - it is a guard dog for his work during the week.

It is a nasty thing,snarling & barking really loudly at anyone who walks past.


I am so sad for you - what a horrible thing to happen :cry:

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Oh Sandy, that is so sad :(


I hope that your son comes to terms with it and will feel ready with time to get some new chooks. In the meantime, take Egluntine's excellent advice and report the incident to the police. Make sure that they give you a URN pertaining to the report so that you can refer to it if the dog get loose and misbehave again.


Take time to mourn your hens and remember them. I kept some of Layla's feathers when she died. I tied them up with ribbon and have them where i see them every day.

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Oh how terrible - I really feel sorry for you - my heart aches - those horrid dogs - you seem pretty understanding - you're right that the dog can't help it really but the owner can.


Try your best to make the most of your holiday. Good idea to get the dog owner to buy you some new chickens.

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