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Semi Permenant Hair Dyes

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Cleo wanted a deep brown colour in her hair & I used a semi permenant one today.

It is MUCH too dark, & is supposed to last up to 28 washes (I told her to get an 8 wash one :roll: )


Does anyone know if there is a sort of antidote to it,apart from washing her hair twice a day for the next 2 weeks?

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You will find that the colour will fade an awful lot in the first week anyway, it is always a lot more intense in the first few days.


Doing mine tonight as I had my hair cut the other day and she straightened it (which I never do as it is so much easier just to stick curl boosting mousse on and blowdry upside down for 5 mins) and I was really shocked how many grey hairs I now have :shock: Definitely something to be said for having curls they certainly disguise it well :D

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Well,she loves it.................it is just how she wanted it apparantly, but its a bit too Goth for my liking :?


Cleo has great hair,its a wonderful sort of mid brown & has all these coppery russet tones in it from the sun - but those are the bits she doesn't like :roll:


And she has gorgeous natural curls,but of course straightens it before School every day :roll:


She would have a wild colour Dan, but (luckily for me) she is a Sea Cadet & they only allow natural hair colours :dance:

That boy with the red hair is lovely...no wonder Harry wants to have hair like his 8)8)8)


I really SHOULD have known better than to dye her hair on friday the 13th :shock::lol:

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I remember using red henna the first time I coloured my hair, and my mum went ballistic :lol:


recently a friend recommended using vosene to take out excess colour :? trouble is you then need alot of conditioner after :roll:


I bet it will look totally different in the morning :?


karen x

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:roll: I have learnt that light brown (honey brown?) in a L'oreal colourspa is actually dark brown .. and any other shades such as Walnut, are erring on the verge of black :shock: . It will lighten ... just remember to go alot lighter next time .... if there is a next time :wink: .
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Interesting Sarahjo - it is a L'oreal colour & it seems much darker than on the packet :?


Its a bit more Emo than Goth, Emma :roll: & she is certainly acting the part too :lol:


I did do my Goth bit when I was a teen, but Cleo is only 12 & I really should have known better than to even let her talk me into dying her hair at her age just yet :roll: My own fault I admit.


When I met The Hubby my hair was Orangey Pink .......I was obviously out of my Goth phase by then & well into the New Romantics (when will they make a comeback - such a nice look - men in eyeliner is always a good thing!:lol: )

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I'm the wrong person to ask Cinnamon - my hair has been every colour under the sun, but I always get it done professionally
Ditto....although I have settled for a brownish colour...my own colour was auburn, but the artificial ones looked so unnatural. At least my new colour looks as if I could have grown it myself. If only it lasted 28 washes!
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I'd relax about it Sarah. It'll calm down really quickly.


When I was 14 my parents went out for the day and I went to a s"Ooops, word censored!"y hairdressers without them knowing and got my waist length, honey blonde hair all cut off and restyled into a spikey mega short punk look with shaved zig zags at the back. :shock::shock:


When they got home I was expecting a rocket, but my Dad took one look at me and simply burst into tears. I have never felt so bad in my life. :cry:


I hated it after about 3 days when I realised I couldn't style it like the hairdressers did and started to grow it out immediately.


You learn by your mistakes........ :wink::D

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I would say it's part of growing up! I had hair down to my bum - could sit on it. Wanted it permed & the hairdressers lopped it off to shoulder length and layered it all up! I hated her! I have to say that nowadays it is getting nearer to my bum again!


I also dyed my hair loads of different red colours when I was about 17. I loved it. Started with Harmony semi permanents - cherry red it was. Then I bought a different one for 21 washes. It lasted 2 years and slowly became a ginger colour. I didn't like it, so then I died it a mousy colour which drained the colour from my face.


I now have it bottle blonde - belle colour no.10. Very natural and I do love it.

I know that if bottle blonde ever turns green, you should put tomato ketchup over your head and it takes it back to blonde! Strange but true!


I'd recommend her having some false coloured extension bits put into her own hair to tone down the extremity of the hair colour. Take her somewhere proffesional. She will probably think it's well cool!

Or let her have her hair braided and some light coloured hair woven in.

I had braids and had my blonde hair woven with false red and brown hair. Looked lovely and unusual & my hair was silky soft when I unwound them all about 5 months later! Used to spray them with coconut oil spray and then wash them with baby shampoo.


Just a few ideas.



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I heard that Head & Shoulders is good for getting the dye out quicker.....but no proof of this!


I dyed my extremely angular bobbed hair blond at the front and red at the back, which I thought looked dead cool. I was about 14 at the time - my mum hated it and said it made me look cheap....


I then dyed my hair blonde all over - again my mum hated it and said it looked the colour of stale tea :roll: I have looked at old photos and it definitely didn't (honest!) :shock:


I also dyed my hair blue - always wanted navy blue hair! Only did it once though! I had moved out of home by this point so mum didn't get a say in it :lol::lol:


Now it is natural mousey (or ratty as OH refers to it :roll: ) brown - how very dull! :roll::lol:

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