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Our Annie died

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Our Annie died yesterday afternoon :cry::cry::cry::cry:


We're all absolutely devasted :cry::cry::cry:


Annie and her friend Clarabel were rescued ex bats who came to live with us in March this year. They had both been kept back from a rescue in January as Clarabel was very underweight and Annie had a limp that never got any better.


Annie was fine yesterday morning - showing the bantam babes how to eat greens from the holder. She was eating and drinking well and was enjoying a snooze in the sun as usual. When I came back from the afternoon school run she was in her eglu looking very sorry for herself :(:(:(


I just knew something was wrong so I lifted her our and she was so weak. I spent the next hour with her sitting on my lap whilst she felt the sun on her back for the last time. As she grew weaker I brought her indoors for our usual cuppa and cake and we read the poultry pages of country smallholding together :):) She slipped away quietly doing what she loved best.......enjoying a snooze on your lap.


She will be very very missed but I know that she loved her few months of freedom and learned that there is a better life than being a battery hen.


I miss her so much..............

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Sorry to hear about Annie Pam


You rescued her from a terrible existence.


You and your family all loved and cared for her for the months you had her. She was very lucky to have had such a caring family


Best wishes to you all


RIP Annie :(

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Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts :D:D


Annie was such a lovely chook and so cuddly. Sitting down for my afternoon cuppa just isn't the same without Annie sitting on my lap. Annie brought much happiness into our lives and will leave a great void :cry::cry::cry:


I just feel devasted :(:( I think it's because she was a rescue chook and she had struggled so hard just to survive it had in the long term weakened her. She loved her time with us and I'm so glad she knew what a happy life was. :D:D


When I am able to write about Annie without crying :cry::cry: I will add Annie's Story to the Pet Memorial - tears play havoc with your computer keyboard.


It's so nice to know you all care :D:D and don't think I'm mad because I'm crying over a dead chicken :roll::roll:

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Oh Pam, I have tears in my eyes reading this (now rolling down cheeks)


SO sorry about Annie and what a lovely story at the beginnng about how you sat and read the magazine/sat on your lap (bless :cry::cry: )


I know its hard but console yourself that you gave her a wonderful end to her life, she enjoyed freedom, love and attention and care and devotion from you and your family. What more could she have wanted. :cry:

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So sorry about Annie


Never feel sorry for crying over a chicken, they are our dearly loved pets who bring enormous amounts of pleasure to our lives. I'm sure a few of us had tears reading about her last afternoon in the sun, including me.


You were obviously a wonderful chookie mum to her, what a peaceful end she had.


Big hugs coming your way

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