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The Weather Thread #9

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We had lovely sunshine until mid afternoon, but it looked like it could rain any minute for the rest of the daylight hours . It then cleared and got pretty cold again over night, about 3degrees, it was 1.5 the night before.


Sun is shining beautifully here again at the moment and the council are mowing the grass verges, they don't normally bother after September.

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My builder dropped off a good many sacks full of wood offcuts and waste, so the woodburner has been roaring away all evening.... need it too as the wind has turned to the north, and it is bitter.


The Michaelmas Fair is in town now, and I always think that this week is the turning point in the weather, when it starts to get cooler all of a sudden. I went back for gloves when I walked the dogs this morning. :?

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