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Lost my Dog! HAPPY UPDATE!

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I can't believe it, I've lost the dog! :oops:

Dennis has done a bunk. He's always been a monkey for trying to sneak out the front door or side gate, and as soon as he sees another dog or a cat he's off after it, oblivious to everything.

We've been in and out of the house all day tidying up after the builders and the kids have been in and out of the side gate. I know he snuck out a couple of times and I sent him back in, but all of a sudden he was nowhere to be seen. I've trailed around the village but no luck. :( Best thing is, his ID tag fell of the other day and I hadn't got round to replacing it :roll:

I feel awful now and the kids keep asking where he is. :(:(:( I've done a wanted poster. Will post it round the village first thing tomorrow. :?:?

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No sign yet :(

I don't think I missed him in the night as he's a bit of a barker so I'd have heard him. I'm convinced someones taken him in. Done my posters, just need to get them up before whoever it is contacts the RSPCA or whoever and gets him carted off :?

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He's back!!! :D:D:D


The posters worked - have just followed his trail round the village and found him with the local dog rescue lady! Little horror - he'll be losing his cojones if he follows his hormones again :roll:


Thanks for all your support, and your suggestions :D


(oh, and he now has a tag on his collar, it's got the wrong name on it as it was off the collar of our old dog who died 3 years ago, but at least it has our phone number on! :? )

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