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Aunty e

Evie's having kittens!

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Am currently acting as midwife to our bengal cross, Evie. She had three by the time I got home, and an hour later dropped another. Bit of a worry as the placenta didn't emerge for another half an hour, but appeared with no difficulty, to be hoovered up by Evie. Am now waiting to see if any more come out.


Wish she hadn't decided to have them on my new duvet cover. Am going to throw out duvet when she's done. :vom:


Don't dare leave now so I can make sure she passes placentas for any more kittens. Gosh this is nerve wracking.

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Oh my.... they are just adorable... and what beautiful mum they have!!!


This forum is a menace!! I have three kittens who just turned 5 months old two days ago, and I have a 15 months old baby, and here are threads about kittens, and somewhere else there are talks about babies (human babies that is).... I want more kittens and babies !!!!


No one let my husband read this, please, or he'll ban me from the omlet site!!

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I want the head on the left hand side :lol:

its probably got a body and rest of kitten attached but I still like it.


how gorgeous, ours cant have kittens (we got her from a rescue home and she was already done, but she was less than a year old and she already had had some :shock: )


so I'm just going to adore these ones :lol:

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Couple more of Evie and baby kissing.






So cute. Cleo is due in a week, but thankfully I'm not working that week. I am putting in my new kitchen mind, but that shouldn't preclude me keeping her in the box room next to the kitchen where I can check on her regularly.

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They are sooooo cute, you could just squeeze them, in a nice way I mean!!!


I just have my old ginger tom left out of the original five, I never had the chance for kittens as they were all neutered at a young age, we had 3 girls and 2 boys so didn't dare leave them to it.


Take care of the lil ones, Dyan

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