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Announcement - BHWT

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Just had the all clear to let you be the first to know that BHWT is involved in Jamie Olivers programme (it's taken a years hard work and had to be hush hush until it was filmed)


The date of transmission is:


Friday January 11th at 9pm, Channel 4. :D


Sorry I can't say more.


Hope you're as pleased as we are :D


BBx :D

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I've just had to bump this one up to make sure that none of you have the opportunity to forget this programme :wink:

Also to boast that I have hugged the star of the show 8)

No, not Jamie :shock:

Grub (the real star of the show :wink: ) is a flourishing and fully recovered ex batt who decided to go and play amongst the cars yesterday, I had to rescue her..............and couldn't resist the opportunity to cuddle a real live TV star. No diva strops from her :wink:

Not sure how much I can say, don't want to spoil any suprises when the show is transmitted, but you'll all spot Grub :D

Anyone who's ever been to an Essex rescue might also spot Jean on the show 8)

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