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Valentines Day

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So come on who has anything planned? I must admitt that I dont really agress with the whole rip off thing, so refuse to get over priced flowers and pay to much to go to a restaurant. So I just do silly things.


On Saturday we are selling our camper van. we have just had the seat pads reupholstered in red suede but they havent gone in yet as its a dumping ground for garden tools at the moment. so Im going to clear it out and put the new seats in. I have ordered a big heart shaped millies cookie with 'Love you chookie' Iced on and Im going to put this in the camper and light some candles for a nice romantic chocolate cookie cuddle before we say goodbye to the van.

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It's my hubbys birthday so we do birthday stuff instead. We don't usually bother going out for a meal because it is all silly menus and our of season strawberries and too many people :roll: We will take the kids out next week when it is our half term instead.


I think that valentines day should be for courting couples only, us wedded people have wedding anniversaries for that kind of thing. There is so much pressure and commercialization now that it's bound to end in tears :lol:


We are having fish and chips (hubbys favourite) and trying to get his internet radio working with our new BT hub :roll:

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I'm going to make a card for hubby- I agree with the commercialisation of "special" days like Valentines.


We don't even send each other a wedding anniversary card, but would instead put that money on a joint present instead which lasts far longer than a card.



we have bought each other this for Valentines

This one will go in the bathroom



Ethna wants this one because it's got his favourite colour on it-red!



The paintings came today via Aberdeen & East Midlands airports 8)

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We are on half term this week ...bliss.OH came home acouple of days ago with two dozen red roses. He said that it wasn't just for Valentines but because he hadn't bought me flowers for a week or so and that way we could look at them all through the holiday.


We are having a peaceful night in with a couple of juicy rare steaks, a bottle of bubbly and a son who'll be at his Grandad's house.

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Well it's Charlie's birthday (she'll be 14 :D ) - so it will be a dinner of her choice and some birthday cake :D:D:D Just finished making her a chocolate heart shaped sponge :drool: :drool:


My mum's coming round aswell so we can both celebrate our current OHlessness :wink::D:D


Wish her happy birthday from us Pam.


It's funny, isn't it? I never minded being single on valentine's days either.

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We totally ignore the whole hooha :) We also ignore all the other 'days' Mother's Day,Father's Day etc., All designed to make people spend money and to feel guilty if they don't or can't afford to grrrrrrrrr.




Ditto...Hurray!! I'm glad I'm not the only one. It's just another day for us. :lol::lol:


I'd rather have another chicken than a dozen red roses anyway!! :lol:

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I have made OH a Valentines card, but I don't expect to receive one :roll: OH hasn't a romantic bone in his body, we did get engaged on Valentines day but that was my idea.


It was our 19th wedding anniversary on Monday, we both forgot :lol:


OH is not at work tomorrow so maybe he has something planned, I won't hold my breath :roll:

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We don't do anything for Valentine's - again due to the rip off nature of it all. I remember years and years ago Guy bought me a bunch of daffodils and I loved those, - they meant much more than a bunch of roses would have done.

Last year I think he emailed me a photograph of a bag of flour and told me that was my flower for the day.

He'll be in Sweden and me in England anyway so we wouldn't be able to do anything even if we wanted to!!

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