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Many of the links in this topic have broken over time so I've set up a new Chicken Run Inspiration topic here with just the photos in.


I hope this is useful to you all :D .


Kate :D




My new run




and it's got a door that leads into the garden plus one on the side which you can see open which takes the hens out into a little fenced off area which they can dustbathe and scratch about in. The roof is made from twin wall polycarbonate panels and we've filled the run floor area with several bags of wood chippings so the girls can leave potholes all over the place for me to fall into :lol: .

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Excellent thread. I wish I'd something like this to refer to when building Chucksville, the new palace for Maggie and Brenda.


Photos in the album - linkage below. Since building I have constructed a penthouse suite and I'll post photos as soon as my wife tells me where she has hidden the camera.


I kept dimensions and materials list, but can't decide whether that would be useful or a bit sad to post.




What with avian flu, luxury runs are all the rage.



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I finally got round to updating my pictures as well. :roll:

You can find them on:



Our hen house is in segments. We first had them all stuck together on one of the vegetable beds, but it became too small. So now we just use the night house and one of the run segments with a tarpaulin over it. We move it to the lawn in spring and to the vegetable garden in autumn.


The night house has a solar panel that feeds the electric fencing. 8)

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I have made my Eglu plus run + converter + extension (four metres in all) into a garden feature: see picture and close-up.


The hens do get out on the grass: I had to keep them in today and cover up the holes they have made in the grass with chairs, because Oxford in Bloom were coming to judge my back garden!


Hens do not eat long ornamental grass or rosemary or chrysanthemums, if that gives people some ideas of what to grow around the Eglu. But they gobble up hostas.

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That looks lovely Hazel! Well done.


We have finished our run too - only took 3 months :!::shock::roll:


i must take a picture and update my album.


Here it is:



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:D Our chickens are the proud new owners of a very fancy run. Just would like to add a ladder of some kind and a straw bale (think I've seen one in another posting - good idea :wink: ):




They love it (especially when it's raining!) but still prefer to roam the garden, hence the little chicken door ... which our scavenging labrador has managed to squeeze through (I can't imagine how) to eat the chicken food (because, of course, we never feed her!).

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Just thought I'd post a picture of the girls new run. It took a few weekends to complete due to all the rain before christmas and the limited daylight hours. It's all been worth it though - I think the girls love it!!! More to the point plenty of room I think for 2-4 more chooks :D (looking out for a second hand eglu to accomodate). The girls will still be allowed out on the grass when were about but feel happier now that they have plenty of room when this is not possible.


Picture of the girls in their new run.




In this picture spot the 5th chicken. Its always good to see men admiring their handiwork and proves to me that they have some redeeming qualities :wink:



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im impressed and :mrgreen: too !!


showed my husband the picture and he just went - :roll::roll::roll:


Thanks too. This flurry of run building activity came from a man who initially was just humouring my aspirations of keeping chooks. Has to be said that now he's been totally taken in with the girls so I'm really impressed with the time he has spent on this project. In fact his suggestion to get 4 more rather than the 2 I was orignally thinking about :D Arn't men strange!



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Thank you to all those who've submitted photos. They were a great inspiration to us when deciding what to do with our garden. Have since added an extension to the run and a couple of big spikey plants. VERY pleased with the outcome and it's keeping the garden looking neater.


I know you put this post on quite some time ago, but I'm just trawling through. It looks like you've got your eglu set up on a woodchip area? Thinking of doing this myself. Do you find it less invasive on the rest of the garden/easier to clean. Where do you buy your woodchip and does it have to be a certain sort? Thanks.

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