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We are devastated.............NOW Help Tilly is pining

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We lost our big friendly Maine Coon Taz this evening. He collapsed in the hall and was dead n minutes. The vet thinks it was an anuerism. He was only 3 1/2 years old. He was DS's cat and he has lost both of his cats in the last two years - he was even in the hall when he collapsed and shouted me to come see why Raz was acting so strange. Needless to day he is devastated. DD has a performance at the school prizegiving tonight and is at a friends so we won't tell her until after.


At the moment it is like a huge hole in our house - He was nearly 20 pounds in weight and was the friendliest, daftest boy you could wish for. He will be missed so much.




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Thanks for all your kind thoughts and cyber hugs. My poor 13 year old son woke up in tears this morning and has gone to school with red rimmed eyes but he will be with his friends and occupied for the day. My 15 year old daughters concert went well and she had some time to enjoy her success before we had to tell her the bad news. I am speaking to the breeder this evening and we will decide if we want another cat at some point. I read an article today that pets can grieve and hope that his twin sister doesn t miss him for too long as they have lived together all their lives. As you say Aunty e there is no time to preapre for this sort of thing - it's just one of lifes lessons and I am sure DS will come to terms with it in his own time. Thanks again for so many kind thoughts - you really are a fantastic bunch of people on here.

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