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mad house

Feeling sorry for myself

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Hi guys, I have just had my Gallbladder removed due to it being full of stones, not nice I can tell you.


I can hardly move and didnt sleep a wink in hospital last night, husbands got man flu so rnt getting any sympathy there, last thing I need now is a cold :x


Could just do with a big hug at the moment :cry:

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A very gentle hug from me Jo, - been there, done that, and it's not nice!


You'll soon be feeling much better though - and none of that awful pain. At least the cold has appeared now - and not just as you went in to hospital - it would have been worse to be sent home :?

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Thankyou everyone for all the thoughts and hugs :lol: found out today that its not a good idea to laugh...hurts too much. A friend of mine told me this was a doddle...think I might just kill her when im better :!:


Paola, I did have my foot done and then during Feb half term had to be rushed to hosp with Gallstones...not nice I can tell you.



Oh said his ilness is getting a bit better......got to laugh havnt you...illness my a**e :lol::lol: Ouch that hurt :!:

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