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Martin B

They're here!

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I woke up today at 6.00am. I was so excited, and I couldn't really sleep. My Dad got in from night shifts at 7.30 for us to go straight around to grandmas to get her larger car to put the eglu in.

It was a 90minute drive down to Meggan in Bristol. But it wasn't too bad and the exictement kept me occupied! :D


We arrived at Meggans bang on at 9am, which was the time we stated. Meggans OH was taking apart the run for ease of transport. The run has really weird clips, like springs. The ones on my mk1 were clips, it must have been a change along the line. However I find these springs easier to use and more convinient. When we got home it took us 5 minutes to assemble the run! It normally takes 20 with all those stupid clips. T


The banties were silent all through the journey, and hadn't been out all day. So when I eventually opened the eglu door into their new home, they were more than pleased! It was the also the first time I got to have a proper look at them. They are such beautiful girls.

The grey one is hardboiled and the other two are almost identical. However you can tell them apart because Poach has a larger comb and Scramble has 1 white feather on each of her feet!


Since we got home, I've had to introduce Jess the dog to the bantams, at first she was yapping at them and then Poach was screeching back! :roll: After Jess started to get used to them. I let the big birds out to try and get them used to the newbies also! Carly (big chicken, head chicken) and Poach (little chicken, head chicken) had a sqwaurking contest to see who was the loudest! :roll: I hope the neighbours don't complain. Carly had lots of poos near to the bantams so I suppose she was just marking her territory! However, once Carly stamped her authority on the little chickens, Lesley made a last gasp attempt to become new head chicken. It was a proper big s"Ooops, word censored!". They were stretching wings, puffing up and pecking each other. At one point Carly took a huge amout of feathers from Lesley's vent! :shock: Carly won! :roll: Would teach her good to loose something.

Well all is quiet for the first time in the day!


I think I am going to go round to the neighbours in the next couple of days when I have enough eggs to explain the situation! :lol: We live near to a busy road and to be honest the sound of that drowns out our little reepicheeps! :lol:


Well I'm going to leave you with a selection of photos of the georgeous little chickens. The eggs in the incubator are due tomorrow also! :roll: Action packed weekend. I wonder if I'll have more than 5 chickens when I return from Jimmy's!


ALSO! Poach laid an egg, it's so small compared to the usual. I was overjoyed! :D






Garden - 2 eglus - rablu didn't fit in! :lol:



Jess is getting used to the new arrivals! :D



Free eglu and in mint condition



First look at the new surroundings! :D



From Left to Right - Scrambe, Poachy and Hardboiled! :D:D



Complet Kit - The bantams are greatful of Emma's glug and grub! :D



Poachy's egg! :D:D Yipeeeeeeeee!



Lesley takes a good look at her new friends! :D



"And the head chicken is....."


Thanks for Reading! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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FAB pictures Martin. The eglu looks in really good nick. You are very lucky and the chooks are lucky to have you !! :)


You didnt get stuck in the traffic then did you? There was a really bad accident on the M5 today near Bristol and the motorway was closed. :?


For a minute if you look quickly it looks like your'e wearing a CHELSEA shirt in one of the photos.......you havent pledged you allegiance to the boys in blue have you?? :wink::lol:

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You're lucky Martin. A free eglu in the bargain too as well as three new chickens!!! Mine didn't lay any eggs today as they were enjoying the sunshine too much. They should hopefully quieten down in the next few days once they've settled in.


My Dad is definitely not that nice!!! Mind you, we're not really great fans of Bristol. If only I could have convinced my parents into having more chickens. There would have been space too!!! Our garden's a bit bigger than yours!!!

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There's plenty of room for them.


Big Birds get whole garden to free-range. The bantams are so small that they won't need any more room than in the run! :lol:


I can't believe it was so hard to persuade Mum and Dad into buying eglu, now if I look out of the garden there are 3! :lol::lol:

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Hi Martin,


You're really lucky - I'd love to have more chooks but I cant really look after any more than the four I've got because I need to know that I can easily find people to look after them when I'm away. It's not too bad to get somebody to look after them in their current eglu - I don't think it woul be very easy to wheel a cube round the streets looking for a chooky-sitter.


PS how are the hatchlings doing - They're due today aren't they.

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Hi Jaime,

The banties are doing well. I had to be restrained today. Jimmy had some bantams for sale at £3.50each they were POL! :shock::D


Hatchlings are due today, no sign yet. But they may hatch tomorrow or monday because we took out the thermostat temporarily to fix it, so they were rotating but no heat.

Fingers Crossed.


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