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No, not another grumpy old......... thread :wink:


But, I was chatting away to a rather wonderful old lady at work today, and she had me in absolute stitches talking about her pet hate household chores, and after a horrendously serious and stressful couple of weeks at work a good laugh was really what was needed.


Anyway, her pet hate is making the bed. She's 5 foot nothing and in her 80s, and still getting to grips with the art of stuffing duvets into their covers, apparently she all but ended up inside the duvet cover last time she tried it, and needed rescuing by her 21 year old grandson :shock::lol::lol::lol::lol: . The way she recounted the tale was hilarious, I could just see her doing it as she talked. We laughed so much that my rather bossy colleague had to look in and see what we were doing :oops::oops:


My pet hate is emptying the dishwasher :roll: , I'll load it happily enough but if I can delegate emptying to someone else I will, every time. And then I moan when I can't find things because they've been put away in the wrong place :oops::oops: . My lady decided that I was some kind of ingrate............ she'd love a dishwasher :lol::lol::lol:


I think it was one of those conversations where you simply had to be there, but it really lifted my spirits today :dance:


So, go on, out of all the boring day to day routine tasks what are the things that you really hate doing :?:

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I hate making my Dd's 'high up' bed. They are great space savers for small bedrooms but a complete nightmare to make up - especially if there are loads of books around the edges too from night time reading!

Picking up Dh's clothes off the floor because he 'missed' the laundry basket... :roll:

And although, not a daily task, the one top of my dislike list is cleaning the oven. If I had the money, I would just go and buy another oven every time rather than clean it. 8):lol:

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if her grandson hadnt come to the rescue she could have been stuck in there for days! :lol::lol::lol:


No grandson came to the rescue for this lady http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/north_yorkshire/7004943.stm


Oh, dear poor lady :(

Good job she had 4 jumpers with her............ but why would anyone wander around with that many jumpers in their bag I have to ask :?

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Oooh, yes, hoovering the stairs :evil: . I thought I'd solved that one when we moved into a bungalow.............. then we went and had a loft conversion :roll:

Son lives upstairs now, so I do try and convince him that everything upstairs (and including the stairs) is his terrain and his responsibility, after all he'll gladly dump most of his belongings on the stairs rather than walk up them :roll: , but he's fairly oblivious to all the dust and dirt that collects on the carpet, so a couple of times a week I reluctantly do battle with the vacuum cleaner.

I'm another who doesn't mind ironing, as long asthere's something mindlessly entertaining to watch whilst I do it, "Loose Women" and "Paul O'Grady" are great shows to iron by when I'm at home at the right times, or some soppy film if I can find one. If there's nothing to watch, then I don't iron :shock: . That explains why my ironing cupboard won't shut because of the number of unironed clothes in there, and the Pisa type tower of unironed laundry on my dining table :whistle:

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I think im stuck in the 50's




I love love love housework. Ive just spent 3 hours ironing. :oops::oops::oops:


But i spose mopping the kitchen floor is the worst as its annoying as the bbits get stuck in the grout, ARGH!


Also, i dont like picking up the blown over leaves off the drive! I need a garden hoover.


Plus the dishwasher annoys me a bit.

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I hate emptying the Dishwasher too , its like the magic porridge pot, you empty it & its full again right away :roll:


I loath ironing so much that I no longer own an iron, apart from an emergency travel size one for putting the girls Sea Cadet badges on :wink:


I don't mind hoovering,but really dislike doing the stairs.


But my biggest pet hate is simply tidying up other peoples mess when they are all big,old & ugly enough to do it themselves really :roll::?

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But my biggest pet hate is simply tidying up other peoples mess when they are all big,old & ugly enough to do it themselves really :roll::? [/color]



Oh yes, that gets my vote too.


While I've been bed ridden over the past few days, the housework hasn't been done...the simple things like washing and drying up, sticking a load of clothes in the washer, picking up after Stefan etc, which I do as I go along, has all been left for me to do.

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I'm sure Alexander thinks that the fairies wash his clothes & put them magically away (but then again, I thought that was what happened when I was his age).

I would LOVE to own a dishwasher- when we go on holiday if there is a dishwasher in the cottage we are staying in I take along my little stash of dishwasher tablets that I bought especially for holidays (they live in the shed when we are at home).

I can't stand making packed lunches, the thought of doing so just drains me of energy.

Wednesday morning is my blitz the house morning


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Washing up - you lot with dishwashers don't know you're born! :wink:


DH and i always leave it for each other and neither of us does it til theres no more cutlery or mugs!


Oh and putting on duvert covers is annoying to. DH always laughs at me as i tend to get right inside it as i put it on! We don't change ours nearly as often as we should. :oops: We're both lousy at housework, very messy and neither of us have much time and have better things to do with the time we do have then do the housework...


However, i DID buy an ironing board the other day - after 4 years of living in our own home without one. We got an iron as a wedding present, but i figured if i didnt have an ironing board had a good excuse not to iron! DH never irons his work shirts and i very rarely wear things that need ironing (ie skirts and blouses) so when i did iron them I used the kitchen table but i have to say an ironig board makes life way easier! I feel like a proper little housewife now! :? (it will probably be used once every other month!)

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