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Which Radio Station??

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Radio 4


Farming Today (if I am up early), The Today programme, The Archers, Woman's Hour, Desert Island Discs, Just a Minute, You and Yours. Love all of it - execpt some of the comedy programmes at 6.30.


OH used to be astounded by the breadth of my knowledge - now he is converted and comes out with all sorts of stuff he has picked up from Radio 4 programmes, as he gets to listen more than I do.

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Generally I listen to Radio 4 but I also dabble with Radio 2. Steve Wright reminds me of my teenage years. I grew up with the Sunday morning tradition of preparing the veg for lunch while listening to The Archers.


Other favourites are The News Quiz, Desert Island Discs, I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, The Food Programme. The only ones I can't abide are Quote Unquote and The Moral Maze. OH is now trained to fall asleep to The Book At Bedtime! Result!! :oops:

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Radio 4 for me, nearly always somethng interesting to listen to whether it's factual, a play or quiz.


I like Terry Wogan and might listen to Radio 3 or Classic FM if I object to R4!

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We also wake upto Radio Glos.useful for local info,OH sometimes sticks with that but I go to Radio 1 as soon as I go downstairs. Chris Moyles is an opinionated oik but the music wakes me up and sometimes there is something to laugh at. I need a laugh in a morning.


I can't stand Terry Wogan, so until I redicovered Radio 1 it was local BBC radio. Chris Evans is ok but I am usually too busy or the house is too chatty for radio at his time.


I love Jo Whiley and Edith Bowman on radio 1 they keep me amused during the day and I love to dance about the kitchen in an embarassing mum kind of way :lol: and if we have the radio on in the evening we usually have a light digital music only channel on.


Of course there has to be the Archers at 7.02 on radio 4 I was brought up on it everything stops for the Archers. It is oh so predictable but so much lighter than tv soaps.

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