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Remember me? ...

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Hello All - some of you may remember me although I see there are loads of new faces since I last visited :oops:


Anyway, I just popped in to let you all know that there will be a Baby Red arriving in July :D


I haven't had much time for Omletting of late but I'm sure I'll be calling in a bit more from now on as I'm going to need some hints and tips with this pregnancy lark and there's no better advice than an omleteer's advice :wink:


Hope everyone is well.



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Welcome back Red


Fantastic news about Baby Red


My 2 are summer babies, it is a lovely time to have them


Lots of aunties on here to ask questions of and a few new mums to be too (Gina and Chookiehen)





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Yay! It's great to be back - so many lovely warm welcome-backs already :D


And great news for Gina and Chookiehen too 8) When are you both due?


I must admit I am pleased to be having a summer baby - it should make for some great birthday parties in the garden. Even the hens will be able to join in the fun ;) I'm an autumn baby and used to wet & windy celebrations.


Talking of hens, Mr Red has been permenantly assigned to hen maintenance duties during the pregnancy (I get all the joys of hen keeping without getting my hands dirty :wink: ) but we haven't had an egg since the beginning of August and recently Mr Red has been found looking at chicken recipes :shock::wink: I hope they start laying again in Spring...


Actually it's been so sad not having any eggs - I really miss my lovely eggy breakfast :( and to add to the upset they stoppped laying about 2 weeks before the village show and for the first year ever they had a Best Home Produced Egg category!!! (I felt sure my cream legbar would produce a winner)


Fingers crossed for Spring ...

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Hello Red!!


Great news. Many congratulations. It's a lovely exciting time. I remember you talking about children some time ago, so it must be great news for you both.


Spring/Summer babies are lovely. You get all summer off on matermity leave to spend with your baby and new mummy friends. Picnics in the park and sun loungers in the back garden. I really enjoyed my maternity with Stefan in Summer 06.


I'm due a few weeks after Chookiehen in early May, so not too far away from your EDA. I'm looking forward to some sunshine again this summer to make up for last year's poor attempt.


Maybe we should have a maternity meet



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To compare stretch marks and varicose veins??! :shock::lol:


I'm due in 10 weeks, on Good Friday, but have been told to pack by bag early because of previous early deliveries, and the humungous size of this little (NOT!) one! :anxious::D

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To compare stretch marks and varicose veins??! :shock::lol:


I'd win - hands down. Saggy tummy too. (sorry - not an nice image to imagine folks :oops: )


10 weeks! Wow Shona - not long at all now. I've got another 18 weeks. I might be a little earlier due to having another section with this one. Can't wait now though. So excited!!

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Aaaw - it so nice to be back! :dance:


Thanks for all your lovely greetings Chelsea; chookiehen; bronze; Debs and Dan; craftyhunnypie; chookiehen; karen & co; egultine; Afamily; Couperman; buffie; one man banned; snowy; cinnamon; lesley; popcorn; christian; Claret and to all the other old but beautiful faces.


And a big hello to Aint "Ooops, word censored!"ody Here and all the other new faces :D


Popcorn and Chookiehen - are you sure you'll want a stretch mark competition with me - at the rate my bump is growing I'm likely to be a clear winner :anxious: (note to self - must buy more Bio Oil ...) Have you got a little baby related thread going anywhere?


Christian - I remember chatting with you at Mel's but sadly my days of sneaking a fag at the bottom of omleteers gardens are over :wink: but I'm still a hopeless chatterbox and gossip so it won't stop me joining you :)

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