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Need a hug

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Just dropped OH off at Charing Cross hosital in London. He is having a benign tumour removed from his head!


i have been signed off work - I hurt my back after a bad landing! on mega pain killers at the mo! Driving to Heathrow (60 miles) then get on the underground (my 2nd biggest fear) then walk to the hospital thru London (my biggest fear)!!!!


He is having the op tomorrow morning so I want to be there before he goes in. Will get up at 4am to leave at 5am. I am really worried. I know he will be fine but i cant help worry! :anxious:


Just wanted to vent that - sorry!


C x x x

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Oh Christian


You said yourself that your sure that he'll be fine, but given that you're not in best shape at the mo (that landing MUST have been bad - I thought you were with BA not Ryanair! :wink: ) you will find the strength to look after him somehow - Joey will tell you the number of times he has for me!


Good luck for the journey to the hospital tomorrow


I should be in bed as I'll be getting up at 5am to go to work!




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Christian, Jonnie and I are thinking of you both today and sending all our positive thoughts your way.


Hope it all goes well and that Jaseywasey ( :wink: ), feels better really soon.


You really must stop swinging from those luggage compartments!

Look after yourself too!


At home all day today and tomorrow and the weekend if you want to ring or pop over for a cuppa.


We love you.


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Christian im sure all will be well, lots of positive vibes & hugs coming your way. Its a really pants start to the year you are having! :(


If you get chance buy some Rescue Remedy before your journey as it should calm your nerves a bit. Plan your route across London before you go as I always end in a tizz if i dont :roll: Im not keen on travelling in London & the tube can be so confusing cant it?! :?


Im sure you will get there in one piece and your OH will be as right as rain in no time! :D

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