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Guest chookiehen

It's SNOWING!!!!!!!

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The papers said that we'd have snow by the end of the week :? I do so love it when it snows - the countryside round here is just magical.


I agree Clare, & aren't we due for a touch of snow down here after last years no-show

Apparantly there is a cold snap on the way,which we in the "balmy" South East will really feel, as the temp is going to drop a lot & very quickly too.



:P Bring it on! :P

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Chooks, next time it snows, can you get the camera out and post a piccie??


Pretty please....


chickens in the snow. . . . OK, OK if it will make you happy :roll: . . . (grabs digital camera & 4 layers of clothing to wade out into the frozen wasteland formerly known as 'the back yard') Just hold your horses while I figure out the digital thingy . . . will post again in a little while.

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I must admit, I got excited at the prospect of getting pictures of my fat, fluffy Blueblles in the snow, so as soon as any lies on the ground, I'll be right out with the camera!

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