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The Good Life 2011 - New photos!

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We've been on the smallholding for almost 5 years now :shock:


We're still struggling since Carl's work changed 18 months ago....but we're still here.


We lost a sheep towards the end of January, one of the Kerry Hills - one day she isolated herself and we kept an eye on her.....next morning she was dead :shock: . We had her collected as fallen stock and thought no more than it was another cost we could have done without and that we were really sad as it was the ewe who lost her twin lambs two years ago (and landed us with a Vet bill of over £300 :? ) She should really have gone off to the abattoir but we're too soft and so she, and two really old ewes, stay on as lawnmowers.....we couldn't breed from her after all she went through with her lambs.


Today we had a phone call from the DEFRA Vet who said that she'd died from Atypical S"Ooops, word censored!"ie :? quite different from Classical S"Ooops, word censored!"ie which is contagious and they don't really know a lot about it but there is research on it at the moment. The Vet is coming out to see our set-up and the sheep on Tuesday :?


We may have to be on some sort of standstill so the cade lambs we were hoping to have may not materialise......we didn't have the ram in to our ewes as Carl may have to take contract work and not be based at home as he is now.


Ho hum.....

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Thank you all :)


The inspection went well and DEFRA don't know much about Atypical S"Ooops, word censored!"ie hence the research on both fallen stock and slaughtered stock at abattoirs. We had to answer pages and pages of questions. We are free to continue as we want and are not on a standstill.


Another worry out of the way 8)

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Wow! Five years!!


I remember reading about you spotting the place for sale and moving out of your previous house (I seem to think it was a bungalow?) around the time I was thinking of joining the forum.


Glad the inspection went well.


Congratulations on the shiny new thread too 8)


Our previous house was a dormer bungalow as we'd just completed major works to the original bungalow when we found this smallholding (typical! we;d have done it completely differently for selling :roll: ) - this house is a dormer bungalow as well!

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Those of you who remember our last little lamb being born may remember that she was poorly and we took her to the Vet when she was born, she had a large hard lump on her breastbone and an ultrasound showed it had a massive blood supply but they didn't know what it was.


The Vet said to bring her home and just let her "be a lamb for as long as she's got, she may grow and the lump shrink" - we did, and she was fine until just after Christmas. She seemed to be unable to see properly and we had to isolate her so that she could eat and drink. She was OK for a while and then just slipped away last Thursday :(


She was almost 2 years old and she had a happy life here with the others.


We almost had a cade lamb on Sunday evening but our friend said she would be OK until Monday - her mother doesn't have enough milk for twins, then we had a phone call before going over to collect her to say that he just had a ewe with a large, dead, lamb so he fostered the little lamb onto her......so we're still waiting.......


Piglets should be here next month :D

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Yes, next week I hope :D - we just need to move one of the pig arcs tomorrow.


Today we collected table birds - we went for 15 and came back with 21 :shock::roll: We also have quail again :dance: - I've missed the quail, I love the sound they make. We've just settled them all in for the night.

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