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Kate, Jenny, Annie, Gallina etc, tell us all about the cube!

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How may companies throw a bash for their customers and arrange to meet them on other occasions, accept personal emails 8) BBx


We do :D:D I'm organising it right now!


Was that Jonnie's hand Annie?


They usually have the delightful Roy delivering the eglus and putting them together - he has a wealth of knowledge about chooks too, but I understand that the lads wanted to get it just right with the new product. Johannes is a real sweetie though.

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I think when you see Johannes struggling on his own to bring in all the parts of the cube and the run (there are lots of them) and then meticulously putting them all together for an hour-and-a half, all you people who are waiting will be more sympathetic (especially when you remember that he first has to pack the cubes, and drive long distances, and do this five times a day). We pioneers have to suffer too!


I was at the beginning of the Mark 2 rush as well nearly two years ago, and had to wait six weeks for delivery. This time I have been lucky: I think it's simply to do with where I live, which is en route to anywhere south of Omlet HQ.


Re the ladder: since sleeping in the cube, Alma has realized that there is nothing to fear up there, and was jumping up and down the ladder when I left this morning. If you have chickens who have spent most of their time in the run, you will be surprised how suspicious they are at first of the new set-up.

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I just have to say one small thing, we didn't turn down an earlier delivery date, it was only mentioned and I think if I had pounced and said I want it on that date I think someone else would have had an upsetting phone call :( how unselfish am I :wink:

Aw ! That was so "Ooops, word censored!"le of you! I'm not sure I would have done that..... even for my grandma! :oops::lol::lol::lol:


You guys are always welcome to come and play here..... :wink:

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I've found the thread, I forgot it was cube week. It's taken half an hour to catch up :roll: and should be writing my thesis :oops:

I like the extension with the cube. I just need a job and a few years saving up :roll:


I've started to imagine how Trinny et al. would get on with the ladder, imagining Megan flying up, Trinny's clever though....

I love that they are flying and not using the rungs :lol: or not using the eglu at all :roll::lol:

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After last nights fiasco with the girls not using the ladder and me finding them bedded down in the hemcore & sat on top of the mark 2 :roll: i posted them into the nesting box of the cube hoping they would have a sound nights sleep. :D


This morning Flump came down the ladder like a pro! Spangle was worried and hovered at the top of the ladder for a while & im sure it didnt help her nerves when Spog was pecking at her bum for her to get a move on! :lol:

Spangle stood on the top rung and flew the rest of the way 8)

Spog took ages but eventually got her act together and fall down it in a semi-graceful fashion! :lol::lol:


Flump has christened the nesting box this morning with a 90g egg - what a little angel! :angel:

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I don't even want to phone as I couldn't handle being told I'll get it in August or something :roll: .


D'you think if we phoned on the same day, and batted our eyelids, we could persuade Johannes to come up here, and set our Cubes up Fee? :lol::lol:

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Really? Is that all it takes???


What do you think he'd do for two??


*rushes off to bake cake*


I'll have to get chookiehubbie to stay at his parents that day..... :lol::lol:

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Can I ask how many chooks you would put comfortably in the Cube. We were going to get 4 but they don't have the ones we want yet, so we are thinking of getting 3 and then waiting for a while and getting another 2.


Well you can't just buy one can you :wink:


Congrats Morag

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