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Today I Picked.........

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Today i've picked.....with the help of Lauren and Jake


4lbs of cherries

2lbs Strawberries

Broad beans

A few peas

some new potatoes

and lots of herbs


I bought a cherry stoning machine last year and felt a bit :oops: at buying yet another gadget - this year it came into its own, it is brilliant! All cherries stoned in record time!

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2 cabbages

about 30 beetroot

an ice cream tub full of sugar snap peas

half a tub of peas

some AUTUMN raspberries

some blackberries


Will be harvesting all my overwintered onions tomorrow, some of which are the size of melons, okay slight exageration, but they are huge.


I'm waiting one more week to dig up the spuds.

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I think I win....I picked NOTHING :oops:


So far this year I've picked radishes and strawberries.


The vegetable patch looks good, nice big tomato plants, with flowers, radish seedlings, runner beans, (with the starts of actual beans), 2 courgette plants, 2 pumpkin plants (taking over the garden), 7 little leeks, 8 sweetcorn plants....



Now what have I missed! :D

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Hiya - I'd not really checked on my garden or greenhouse because of the wedding and all the rain etc. So when I looked at my tub of spring onions last night, I was shocked at how big they'd grown and they'd really fattened up. Loads of salads this weekend! :roll:

Cherry tomato plant is in flower, my ornamental gourds are growing well - bright yellow gourds on the plant & the mos gorgeous bright yellow flowers!

I must check on my beans, beetroot & herbs later, but as it's raining I'm afraid of frogs! Last time I went in my greenhouse, there was a huge frog hiding in the corner. Hubby rescued the frog & me! I really need some nice weather to tend to my garden & the chucks are fed up of seing me in my bright yellow Alton Towers poncho!!!!! :shock:



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I had two raspberries this morning as well - I ate them as my breakfast! :lol:


I was out with the scissors and trowel - I bash the snails with the trowel and cut the slugs in half with scissors :twisted: We have thrushes around, and frogs but I found around 50 snails this morning :roll:

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