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Martin B

Here we go again.

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In 1997 (I think) Alcester witnessed the most devestating flood known in recent Warwickshire history. Houses were destroyed, historical monuments swept away and broken. Alcester was ruined.


Well Alcester is currently on the highest flood warning. I told Clare earlier that the water was waist deep, I bet she thought I was exadurting, but infact I was not.


It all started off this morning, constant rain. Went to school for the final day, it was our final day in our tutors before the big house revamp! :evil:

First break was deemed as a wet break, so we had to stay in our classrooms. Then second break was delayed until 1. We waited until 1 then we got a message saying school was closing urgently on MET OFFICE advice. All transport to and from Alcester was being cancelled until further notice, so people who have buses needed to be out pretty quickly.


My brother and I walked home in the wet, it wasn't much but rain, but within a couple of hours some areas of the local park were flooded. My mates and I messed around wading through the water, having a laugh!


This is the scene of the low dwelling areas of the park at about 5 pm.



It was quite fun, but by 7o'clock we knew we were in trouble! It took my Mum 3 hours and 35 mins to do the short daily trip from Alcester to Birmingham, it normally takes well under an hour! I hadn't been outside in a while, so when I looked outside the window I was gob smacked to see, the road submerged in inches of water. Since 7 the floods have progressed. The floods have ripped through people's homes and it's quite worrying. Ther comunity spirit has been fantastic, just like I imagined it would be in the war. I helped some people on the old people's complex evacuate their homes, as they are in low lying areas. We shifted the elderly residents to the town hall and piled their belongings up high.

The main bridge that seperates Tesco side and Somerfield side (as we refer to them) is according to police "wobbling, and a high risk!" It is one of the only things holding back the water! It's a very old, Roman bridge and I recon it will give.


There are emergency services everywhere. The water is slowly creeping up the steps towards are house.


Here are some recent pictures from withing 20m of my house,


(Sorry for poor quality)






Devastating! :cry: Just looked out the window and it's still rising!


On a personal note, here is a picture of one allotment.


Also I lost a quail, which drowned, as all the other quail had took the high roosting logs.





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It keeps rising.


People are still out on the streets, helping each other.


Although we are elevated, the water is still getting ever nearer.


There is sewage pouring past the house and wheelie bins and trolleys and trees etc.


It's not very nice. The neighbour to our right is about 3ft lower than us, and the water is now getting into him. There are lots of people on mobiles crying as they have no insurance.


It's my brothers birthday party tomorrow and we've spent loads on it. It looks like it is going to be a no show. :cry::cry:


I'm going for a quick nap. But my alarm is set for 2.30 as Dad and I keep having to check it, move bits etc. etc.



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Just to update you all.


At 2:30 Dad and I waded throught the streets to try and see how and where the water was coming. We decided that we could have a few hours sleep and acess the situation at 4!


Then at 3:00 we had a bang on the door, it was the fire brigade asking if we needed rescuing! :roll:


In the the 20-15 minutes that we had been asleep, the water had risen at least 1.5ft and it was then trying to get through the door. Dad has turned a decorating table into a block, but if it gushes again we can only pray that it doesn't gush too bads. There are no sand bags available. All of us on the higher ground presumed we would be ok, but we were wrong!


Now we've moved the cars, the eglus are on the shed! It's a living nightmare. It's just like you see on the news, firemen on boats, tress going past your front door, people swimming (daft!)


The water must now be about 4ft at least outside our gate. There is no way I will be going to the farmers market, and unfortunately we are going to have to call sean's birthday party off.


My Grandma and Grandad are safe, and their house is not flooded!


That's a relief, but it's very very scary! :cry::cry::cry:

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Martin, what a drama for you all :shock:

I do hope you are all OK this morning - it was a terrible day,wasn't it?

We have flooding here too, but luckily my village is very high, so we are OK, but the stream in my garden is looking like it might burst its banks...........

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Take care Martin, I hope you your family and animals stay safe and as dry as possible. Sorry to hear about your little quail


This goes to everyone else as well


We are lucky as we are on a slope, so we will not flood, but I am thinking our water has got to go somewhere :shock:


We are supposed to be going to Bewdley today as the Severn Valley Railway has a open day to raise money for the repairs from a few weeks ago, I hope it's still there :(

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Hi, thanks for your kind words.

The situation is not very good at all, although the water level has dropped an inch or 2, however it is still up to people's winddowsills.


I have some clearer pictures now, and I will upload them later.



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Oh Martin it does sound terrible and the photos are quite shocking :shock:


I do hope you are all ok :?


I presume the chooks are in the eglus which are on the shed? :?

If you need a temp home for the chooks while the floods die down they can stay here if you like - just worrying how you will get them out :? The offers there if you need it.


Love to you all

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Poor things, especially the little quail :( Is anyone else on the forum near to you flooded? Hopefully you are all OK.

My friend's cellar flooded and they had to clear out the bottom of their house and have had dehumidifiers from the insurance company for about a week and their house is tropical inside bacause of the heat :shock:

It might take weeks to clear up the area even after the water has gone down :(

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