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What have you all been making...part two...

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I'll get us started then :wink:


I finished this jumper on the weekend. It's made with Llama wool that I won on eBay before Christmas! It's going to be too warm to wear for a few months, but at least it's finished. I don't think I'd buy Llama wool again as it wasn't the nicest wool to knit with :anxious:



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Helen is the Scottish lady that runs the B&B in Mull. Lovely girl, great sense of humour. Next year will be our 4th visit. :D


Yeah, my first effort - I didn't keep it in line and it did jump onto the bias now and again. But the more I practice the better it will be. Hopefully as good as yours. That cushion on FB is wonderful. :clap:

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No I've spent hours learning and practicing (mostly in meetings when I was at work doodling) but I'll not post anything if it puts you off!!!! :lol: I will cos I love to share.


So what are you making now? and post a picture!!!


At my local group we learnt a fun technique with fresh flowers. Take some fabric and place bondaweb (taken off the paper) on it. Then arrange your petals and little leaves and cover with another bit of bondaweb (no backing paper, it always falls off anyway). Add some organza over the top and give it a good iron using greaseproof paper under it and on top to protect the iron. It all bonds together and dries the petals, then you can stitch, bead and embellish. It'll probably go brown in a week or so but great technique for a birthday card or little quilt (temporary). I better photo mine while it looks fresh. :D

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Think it must be you - I love just love seeing your work - I need to practice and do not go to a group = I am doing quilt blocks of 10 inches square on a 10 inch square white background with strips sewn on except the middle which will stay white - will be a winter job and making oilcloth bags which have been great fun to do. Bought new needles to try and a teflon foot which does not fit my machine but hubby will probably manage to make it fit - too narrow and needs some of the plastic(teflon) cut away to fit. Bought some fabric from Missouri Star Quilt company on their daily deal and got my friends to bring it over when they came - charm packs for 2$ and yardage very cheap.


And yes Pictures please

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Yes fabric is so much cheaper than over there. Long time since I've crossed the pond. Bet you need the Teflon foot to sew on oilcloth. I've been tempted when I've seen the lovely oilcloth at CottonPatch. Show us your bags then :D


Here's my dead flower quilt if photobucket behaves.



and a detail



tut knew it wouldn't

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