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What have you all been making...part two...

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1 hour ago, soapdragon said:

So clever CT, if a little scary with those eyes - dare I say 😉 but then I suppose rats are not really supposed to be cute! Who is the lucky recipient?

Plum, doing OK thanks. Still on pain meds though as it's quite achey first and last thing. 

It’s for a chinese friend. Her birthday is around this time and have given her a monkey, cockerel, dog and a pig before.

Good to hear you are on the mend! Hope you’ll be fully mobile and pain free soon!

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Still teaching myself how to needle felt. Thought I'd make a chameleon. I made quite a lot of mistakes but I'm learning along the way. I've discovered that using pipe cleaners to form the basic shape feels bad when the needle scrapes on it so I'll avoid doing that and that you can buy little leather finger gauntlets so you don't puncture yourself. I wanted an excuse to use bright colours so I thought a chameleon would be good. 



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Brilliant so cheerful.  Yes know what you mean about hitting the wire.  I'm going to look out for the finger guards or did you get them online.

I've been back to quilting.  A challenge group I belong to are making quilts each month with different skills but an overall theme for the year.  Mine's my garden.

The first challenge was fabric manipulation so I pulled some fabrics and made my compost heap!


and while I had a nice assortment of fabrics out I used them for a improvisational triangle sew along which we've been sewing over the last 4 weeks.


So now I have 2 compost heaps. 😂


What's everyone else been making?  Love these catch ups :) 

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That needlefelting is fabulous, PL. I might even be tempted to try impaling my own fingers once I am fighting fit again. And the quilting.........such patience is to be much admired as is the compost heap! The crochet seagull is fabulous; love the red end to his beak as it makes it look as though he's been scavenging some poor grockle's fish and chips 🤣.

Rather predictably I still haven't started my Kaffe Fassett yet - too many good books to get through!

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Oh you've beens so busy!  Love the funny rat.  It's ears are like my daughter's Dumbo rat, rip.  Dunno about not being cute - I think they are - and fantastic little characters.  I  have Boy George singing in my head!  Hmmm, thanks for that!  The compost heap is certainly different!  A lot of work in that.  But the triangles are a bit of a colourwash style.  Did you intend it to be like that - it is rather lovely - and how did you get all those blocks to fit together!!!!??

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