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What have you all been making...part two...

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This is how he ended up. He's very patchy and colours are all over the place. Before I do any more I'm going to learn how to do hands and feet. That's something I really need to master first. I've seen a couple of good tutorials on YouTube. Also I got very bored with the tattoos and used sharpies! 😳 



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I've just finished Mr Featherstone. My latest needle felting project. Screenshot_20200527_114009.thumb.jpg.b12b007b19dcb1fc636d0ab3f4beb5e6.jpgI've also given him a back story, he lives in Metroland in the 50s and commutes into London. He loves doing crosswords on the train and he did a stint at Bletchley Park during the war but of course that is a secret. 

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Not your next door neighbour then!

As someone who can only make a mess I am in total awe of you creative Omleteers!

We have turfed out the loft over the last couple of days and I have half a pillowcase of wool...looks like its clean but just needs carding and spinning/felting. Happy to post to any of you who can use it? PM me if you'd like it.

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It has to be the perfect collection otherwise if one flower head is slightly over, it can taint the batch.  But we've made it several times.  The last one that we did was, um, very inebriating!  Don't know why, but it was!  I didn't complain - my husband did.  This year we've made cordial instead.  We want to leave the flower heads for berries as my husband likes to make pontack sauce - the longer you leave it, the better it gets.  A bit like balsamic vinegar.  

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