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Our theory...People who keep chickens also..........

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They shout 'CHICKEEEEEEEN' whenever they see one on the tv!






Maybe thats just me? :oops:


there's definitely been more chickens on TV since we got ours, I'm tellin' ya! ;)

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.... often wear chicken poo patches on their clothes :?

.... Have an obsessive interest in what comes out of the back end of a chicken

.... are fascinated by the compostability of aubiose and chicken poo

.... are used to seeing their friends eyes glaze over as they recount the delights of watching chickens having a dustbath

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Spend Hours On This Forum


Most definitely true :P

And the one about throwing another handful of pasta in the pan is defenitely common happening here too...

Wouldn't be seen dead in crocs though... I'm not in any way a fashionable person, but crocs and sponge bob are the two things I never ever want to see again... :wink: sorry if that offends anyone who likes either...


... keep wormeries (then worry about chooks finding their way in it)

... still after a year of having chooks go pick eggs in the morning and feel that inexpressible rush of excitement at finding them there

... keep thinking of buying a cube (for those who don't have one) and planning to get more chickens

... understand better what hunting dinosaurs such as raptors would have looked like

... feel really smug every time they bake a cake or quiche and keep commenting it was with 'their own eggs' even though everyone at the table is part of the same household so obviously know that already

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