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One Man Banned

Oh Gosh!

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Well I've been away for about a week or so and come back to an overwhelming number of red arrows.


The bad thing is I haven't been away anywhere, just not actually come on the forum for a while :(


But in the meantime quite a lot has happened with home-life and on the job front things are looking up.


Sadly Joe and I have taken a break for a couple of weeks to sort some things out, but we're working through it and are still very good friends, it's not over yet so I'm not too down and still looking on the positive side. Another good side is I've moved into the spare room and get to hear the laydees when I wake up :D


My beloved 440 has been put out to pasture too. And has already been replaced, not by a Mini :cry: as I just can't stretch to the budget without the job and with things not right at home, so I bought myself a lovely little Sportka :D Just turned two years old and I love it.


Finally I've done some interviews and waiting to hear about second interviews now, so within another few weeks I should be employed.


Now, to tackle those red arrows :lol:




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Oh Andrew, that's really sad to hear of your troubles. I'm so sorry you're having a tough time at the moment. Keep the lines of communication open and always be honest. Wishing the best for you both.


Good luck on the job front. It's hard to be positive when so many things don't seem to be in your favour. Keep it together, think good things and generally things always seem to work out for the best in the end, even if it doesn't seem that way at the time.


All the best to you and Joe, Andrew xx

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Andrew, once again I'm late with a response and everyone else has saved me the bother of finding wise words. So I'm just adding to the general good wishes and I do hope that everything works out in the very best way for you, in terms of relationship, job and life in general.

Whatever the long term outcome it's fantastic that you and Joe are still friends, keep that going if you possibly can, an enduring friendship would be an incredibly positive result if the worst happens and the relationship falters.

Thinking of you, and don't ever forget that you've got some good friends on here :wink:

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:D Noticed that you hadn't been on the forum lately so it's good to hear from you. Sorry life's been tough recently and hope all seems better soon.


Money & job worries are one of the biggest strains on a relationship. It makes it hard for both partners, so keeping talk open, honest & friendly is good if you can.


Meanwhile, very best wishes in sorting out everything. Keep smiling, and accentuate the positive. :)

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