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We have joined The Herd!!!

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What a day we’ve had and its only just gone 3.30!!! :shock:


Today we joined ‘The Herd’ and now have a new chicken mum & dad! :D Our mum & dad are called Emma & Mo. There are 2 doggie bears in our herd too they are called Teddy & Poppy but we wont be seeing them for a while as we are tired and need some R’n’R. 8)


This morning we were stuck in tiny cages with lots and lots of other chickens all cramped up just eating & laying with not much quality in our lives, :(:( then came along John & Monica – they work for the Battery Hen Welfare Trust in Worcester and they took us to their house with a hundred or so of our friends from the battery farm. :D We were checked over then let into an area so we could walk around and stretch our wings & legs. :D:D


Mum & dad arrived at just gone 1pm they brought Monica flowers and thanked her for rescuing us. Mum & dad then stood at the fence and carefully picked us out. :D

Oh look all this chatter and we haven’t even introduced ourselves!

Just so you know we are all named after sweeties – dad is a BIG fan of sweets! :wink::roll:


I’m Spog, you know those odd looking sweets that are blue or pink & you find them in Bassets Allsorts. I have quite a few feathers considering where I have come from, I have a little cut on my comb too but I’m sure mum & dad will look after it for me. I was the first into the Eglu when we arrived home. :D


I’m Spangle, named the chewy bar that has fizzy sherbet in it, mum & dad thought this name suited me as when they were picking out new members for the herd I was the only chicken that got stuck behind some fencing :roll: – I was being adventurous :D – mum & dad think I have spark! I was second in the Eglu.


I’m Flump, mum likes Flumps as they are soft & squidgy like me! I don’t have many feathers and I’m currently sporting an embarrassingly large mullet as I have lots of feathers on my head but none on my neck :oops::oops: – I prefer the Jennifer Aniston hair do myself! I plonked myself in the dustbath when we got to our new home but I think I might need a bubble bath as my bum is a little messy at the moment. :(


Ok my turn now!!

I’m Mojo – kinda like a Fruit Salad but better than a Black Jack! :wink: I have a severe lack of feathers right now especially on my head & neck where I have none at all – but my dad is lacking in hair too so we have something in common there! :lol: I was picked on quite a bit at the battery farm but my new mum told me she is a teacher so won’t stand for any of that nonsense here in my new home! :shameonu:


The journey home was quick and smooth and when we got in we had never seen such a posh chicken house – urban chic penthouse suite, in stunning purple too!! Mr Hilton eat your heart out, you ain’t got nothing on James & Co at Omlet! :dance: :dance:



Our mum has taken some photos but she forgot to bring home her firewire :roll: so you will be able to see us all next week. :D


TTFN – The Sweetie Girls :D:D:D:D


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Spog here!!


I just laid my first egg in my new home!!! How about that for Christening a new house??? :D:D:D


Mum was dancing around the house singing 'We got an egg, we got an egg, we got an egg!!' :roll::roll::roll::lol::lol::lol:


Mum says us girls can have it for tea tomorrow night. :dance: :dance:

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At last! Congratulations Emma and Mo! What lucky girls you have! SO glad all went well and that they are going to be loved.


Can't wait to see the pictures! Hope they take themselves off to bed fairly soon so you can both have a relaxing evening with a bottle of wine to celebrate!

Much love


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Thanks guys!! :D:D:D


You know im so excited i might just explode! Cant stop smiling, danced up the garden when we found the egg - if the neighbours didnt know we were getting chickens they do now!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:


Flump & Mojo are yet to go into the eglu so i think i might have to post them through the egg port later on! :shock: They are the most poorly pair & im really worrying about them :(

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Geat news Em and Mo - can't believe it's happened so quickly - only a few hours ago we were having breakfast and you weren't hen parents yet! And an egg too! Well done that hen...


Can't wait to see you next week in the photos. Big hugs and kisses on your beaks. Emma - get knitting those blankets to tuck them up under :wink:


PMing you with the recipe for Mo's cake

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Ok what a farce!! :roll: Why did you lot not warn me bedtimes are stressful??? :shock:


Trying to get the girls into the Eglu was a bit of a nightmare. :evil:


Turned all lights off and shined torch into Eglu - waited ages & only Spog went in. Mo had to get a broom and shoo them towards the eglu while i held the torch, eglu port and tried to shut the door. (Good job us ladies can multi-task!!) :lol:


I have just looked in on the girls and Mojo is in the nesting box, Spog is near the door, Spangle is at the back of the Eglu like the naughty kid in the class and Flump is sandwiched in the middle.


Oh why did i not get chickens years ago???

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Welcome to the Sweetie hens... what wonderful names Emma :D:D:D , I hope they settle in very quickly, I'm sure they will, they're surprisingly tough creatures... needed to be to survive the last year, but I bet they'll just blossom and brilliant personalities will begin to emerge as they get used to their wonderful new home. Lucky, lucky hens to have such a fabulous new home :D

I am so envious of the purple eglu, what a stunning choice :D

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You may have to take a week off Emma, the excitement will be too much...honest. CONGRATULATIONS and THANKYOU!!!!! :D:dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:


You'll be great parents, you already are and they are lucky girls. :D They will rule the roost but why not :wink: Lovely names and can't wait to see them,




Buffie xxx

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