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A friend who works in the city has a client called Glenda Jackson but not THE Glenda jackson. It led me to thinking about past people who I have met through my job. Years ago in the 1980's I did cancer nursing and one day on a late shift in handover the Sister at the time moved on to a Patient called wait for it Alfred Hitchcock. General tittering ensued until she fixed us with a steely look and advised that he had no sense of humour and subjects such as showers and the amount of birds flying around were banned. :lol: He was indeed a morose character and probably got fed up of the jokes he heard. I did wonder why he never changed his name. I also knew a Victoria Wood (not the VW though)

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Gosh Sage - the Simon you work with must get some stick. I am pleased I only have a long Greek surname no one can spell or pronounce , to have a name the same as someone famous must be awful esp if they are awful. I love saying my surname really fast especially to annoy people. :shameonu: Mwah mwah

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