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Alis girls

card with no name!

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Sorry to boast up my own thread but wondered if Eglutyne has had her mystery card yet from a couple she doesnt know? I couldn;t find it on search. Last year I laughed so much at this thread and the one re said card I thought the newbies might like a giggle. Mods please feel free to swap threads if you know its title.


Douggie and Janice? Not yet! If fact we didn't get one from them last year so they must have pruned their list - or they are Omleteeers and have taken the huff after reading about themselves here!


We have had our annual braggogram from a friend of Him Indoors though. Full of nauseating guff about their perfect lives and perfect children, grandchildren and holidays. I must send it to that bloke who publishes them.

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Jameson yes, Jamieson, no and Fotheringhame - I don't think I'm posh enough to know anyone of that name.


What makes you enquire? :D


I found a brother and sister called Douggie and Janice (or, more specifically, I think I found their mother. She had had two surnames, so I wasn't sure which of the two surnames might belong to the children.


But having read the thread properly now, I'm sure it is an elaborate hoax.

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I am still sending a card to my Christmas victim and Egluntyne you have given me an idea. When and if I receive the dreaded round robin I will put it in a second victims card so long as they don't know them :D


That is genius!


Tempted to start this with my parents...

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Our manager love him has failed to grasp the meaning of Chrimbo. Today a colleague showed me the card she had given him. Her greeting was written under the blurb and he had written a greeting in the same card on the back of the picture. :shock: She was incandescent with rage. I just laughed so much it made her worse :notalk: My card came back to me in the same condition :shock: I shall call him Scrooge to protect his identity.

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