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Lovely photos @mullethunter. Perhaps scatter some wild flower seeds on it when you mow in Autumn?

There are some things we find we can't do without here. Having not been to England for 4 years now our supplies of PG Tips will run out in a few months. You can get them in a few supermarkets, but at €4 for 40!  Good news is Amazon France are now selling them, albeit at twice the UK price. Having also run out of tins we now make our own mushy peas and have just found a better tasting version (we think) of Heinz Baked Beans, so anyone coming on a camping holiday need not bring any. You can find the original here in a few places with a British food shelf, but for €1.60 a tin. Pop into a supermarket called Carrefour and buy 'Haricots Blancs à la tomate'; €0.65 for a 400g. 

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I am seriously impressed, you had enough tea to last 4 years?!

I went through my own tea crisis in January, eventually buying some loose leaf direct from the Azores!  However, common sense has prevailed and after trying every tea under the sun I have now settled on 3 bags in a pot for 2 people from Lidl, which is cheap for everyday use, and there is a brand called Ahmad which is packed in London, costs maybe 2.50 euro for 25 for 'best' and is available from Auchan, so you might get it in France as well.

Having been locked down and unvaccinated for what seems like ever, we have had 3 social engagements (outside) in a week!

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Went to Marlborough yesterday on the way to FIL and Step MIL in Devizes....as always took the opportunity to trawl the charity shops. In the Dogs Trust charity shop, next to a little table with hand sanitizer and 'Hands, Face, Space, sign there was a seperate sign saying 'Keep 7 chiuauas apart'. Well, it tickled me!

Oh, and in spite of charity shops only ever having clothes in 2 sizes (too big and too small) I got a brand new Seasalt linen Coach House dress for £12!!! Result!


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As you probably know the G7 summit is being held in west Cornwall this weekend. On a 15 mile journey along the main dual carriageway through the county this morning I passed 20 police vans from all over the country, 8 police cars and any number of police motorcyclists! And I thought they were all already here.

Good weekend to be a criminal anywhere that’s not Cornwall I reckon!

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