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A question of spelling

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Something really bugs me about spelling :?

Why, on weather reports do we have Winter, but then get Wintry showers ? Why don't we get Wintery showers ?


Sorry, sad I know :oops:

In short, it's because English is a living language. Both "wintry" and "wintery" are perfectly acceptable variants.


Now, if you really want to get exasperated by spellings in English, just ask yourself which joker decided to spell "phonetic" with a "ph"....

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and don't get me started on "myself" instead of "me"...that has me grinding my teeth and steam coming out of my ears!!! (also can get a rise in blood pressure due to misuse of apostrophes...I really should get out more!)


this one drives me crazy! typically used in HR letters.... grrrrr!

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All of the above, but in particular, text speak of any sort,'sek-er-tree' (secretary) 'Feb-yoo-ree'

(February) and 'sikth' (sixth)


What perplexes me about the above 'text speak' is that they use the same amount of letters as the correctly spelled words. However, in the case of (ahem!) Febyooree, there's one letter more! :wall:


Bizarre! :lol:

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I agree we are all becoming very lazy especially with texting...

And that irritates the life out of me. Text is a noun, it is not a verb.


Me: What are you doing, son?

Son: I'm texting Dad.

Me: No, you are sending Dad a text!

Son: :? No, I haven't sent it yet, I'm still texting.

Me: :wall:

Son: Have you got the cash out for my bus ticket tomorrow?

Me: Sorry, I didn't realise you needed it for tomorrow.

Son: But I texted you!!!

Me: No, you couldn't have.

Son: I DID!!

Me: No, you did not :talk2hand: You may have sent me a text, but you most certainly haven't "texted" me! :shameonu:

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The incorrect use of 'there' 'their' and 'your' 'you're' really infuriates me. My daughter's are terrible for this and the older one has an A* in English Language and attends a grammar school :shock: What does that say about education?


I don't have a problem with new words because our language is constantly evolving, but there are some basics that should be kept the same.

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