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Goosey Lucy

Sad Day - Again

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Title speaks for itself really. I came home from collecting a friend from the airport to find OH looking frantic. Next door's dog has somehow managed to get under/over a 6' fence, over the chicken netting and attack our girls. 2 were killed outright, I had to despatch another 4, 2 were found cowering in the houses, everyone else was missing. The final count tonight is 6 dead, 10 penned in their runs and 1 missing presumed dead.


OH caught the dog (a spaniel I think) and returned it next door, the owners are away and it was being exercised by their family/friends. I know the dog was only doing what it does naturally but I didn't expect it to get into our garden like it did. If I could work out how it got in I'd do something to prevent it happening again but I can't see any obvious way in and both the gates were shut. My girls were almost all oldies, only a couple are laying and I expected to lose several over the winter but I am so very sad to have lost them in this way.


I also know the owners will be upset that this happened.


RIP Polly, Hattie, Jerry, Captain Beaky, Barbara and Amy.

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Thank you everyone. There's still no sign of Hoho so I'm presuming she's gone for good. :-(

Luckily we have plenty of cubes so I can organise the girls into two 3s and a 4 in the extended run.

I can't believe how quiet it is.

OH has looked at the garden and can't see what else we can do to secure it, there are no missing parts to the fence. We'll have another look today.

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So sorry.

What did the people looking after the dog say. I hope that they were suitably horrified. It might be worth securing your girls and asking them to let the dog out to see if it goes to a particular place to try to get through.
That's a good idea as my dog would go to the same spot again.
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