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Planning on getting a dog.....pic page 7!!

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Well, the 'viewing' went really well. He is really shy, but has been with the foster home since wednesday and they said he is fine once he knows you!


He is from Ireland, where dogs in the rescue place are given 7 days to find a home before they are PTS :(:( He was due to go to doggie heaven on Tuesday, but was brought over by Dorset rescue on a ferry.


He is so cute! :D:D Under 2 years old, quite stocky, and his whole bum wiggles when he wags his tail.


I am so excited. I planned to get a dog at some point this year, but once Mum and I started looking, we realised we couldn't wait. Poor little mite would have been no more if it wasn't for the rescue centre. He is going to have a lovely life at Bramble Cottage with me :D:D


The rescue place need to contact the Dog Warden, but if all goes well, I am picking him up on Tuesday!


A really bad picture but you get to see his cute face.


I have called him Milo. :D

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Here they are PTS unless a rescue can take them in, however most rescues are jam-packed so don't have space, or the pound doesn't work with rescues, which is the case with a few :roll:


An illustration of this (with a happy ending) is the case of a heavily pregnant lurcher which was tied up outside a pound; that pound didn't work with rescues so she was due to be PTS. The vet couldn't do that to a pregnant animal and contacted Lurcher Link who found her a foster home where she promptly gave birth to 5 chubby little puppies - she must have been hanging on until she was safe. Lovely nativity story with a difference :D - before and after photos below....






Just seen the photo of Milo - he looks very cute 8)

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Oh, DM, what a story. Poor dog, she looks really worried in the first picture, but totally content in the second one,


I love the cow print pup :D would you know if they all got homes? (not that I can have one...just curious)


Full praise for the vet.


Christian, Milo is gorgeous :D , I'm sure he will have you wrapped round his little paw in days. I bet he can't wait to be in his forever home with his new dad. Well done :D




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He looks adorable and I think the name Milo will suit him perfectly :D


Our springer Coco, was brought over from Ireland and was still only 10 weeks old when we got her from a local rescue and our cat Chloe came from the same rescue at 15 weeks and she too had come over from Ireland.


I know how excited you must be, we picked Coco up on a Tuesday too, only had to wait a couple of days but it felt like an eternity :wink:


All the best with Milo and I'm sure we'll all want more photos :D


Lisa P

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He looks full of character Christian... you'll need to be firm once he settles in and find his feet - terriers always want to know where the boundaries are :lol:


Cathy, they are all now of an age where the foster owners/charity are looking for homes for them, so far as I know, none of them have homes to go to yet. I understand that they will be ready in a couple of weeks.

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(Phantom Tollbooth?)


Had to google that LM! Never heard of it, but sounds like a book my Nephew would love!


The name Milo, just popped into my head and it really suits him. He was called Hank by the foster people, but Milo seems to suit him better. :D


I'm in Glasgow with work now, so just heading out to JL to look for bits and pieces. He needs a collar and lead for starters.

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