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A horrid shock

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I'm really sorry to hear this. We were burgled some years ago, and it felt horrible. It's only when this happens that you realise what you could have/should have done.


As your laptops have been stolen, change your email passwords immediately (if you haven't done so). This will stop them getting access to your emails and to other paswords which are reset by email. Then Ebay and Paypal, and any other sites that might be auto log in from your Tablet.


Then start going through any website where your credit card details may be stored, and change your passwords. Don't forget the places you shop but hold your credit card information, like Amazon, Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado.....


Then finally all the other non commerce websites, where your passwords may have been stored on the browser.


It's a complete pain in the bottom.... but sometimes it helps to be actively doing something.


Regarding the jeweleery etc, keep an eye on the cash-for shops in the locality. Thieves often go to one very close by. ANd keep an eye on local Facebook buy/sell pages. That's easier said thatn done - I live in a small village and there are dozens of Facebook selling pages that cover our area.


Once again, I am so sorry this has happened to you.

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This is awful, sorry to hear it. What the hell is going on, I know of a few burglaries recently in East/North Northants, something has to be done fast!


As for backups cloud options are good (Skydrive, Dropbox), but usually limited in space (without spending money). Best backup advice ever can be found on Scott Hanselman's blog, follow it now people. http://www.hanselman.com/blog/TheComputerBackupRuleOfThree.aspx


I bought 2 external drives and keep one at my parents (they also put their photos on it). That is my 'off site' backup which gets updated every few months.

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I too have ordered an external hard drive (I'd been planning to for ages but this has spurred me on :( ).


Order 2 and keep one round a friend/family members house, update & swap them every now and then. Unfortunately 1 external drive can be stolen/destroyed as easily as a laptop.


Good tip for keeping your photos copied onto the external drive is to use the free Microsoft application called 'SyncToy' works a treat for me, run it once a month and it copies across any new photos/videos.




Also, remember to back up photos/videos on your phones too.

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Thank you all for your best wishes.


I am trying to be positive and look forward now. I will be asking advice and about how to prevent the loss of photos and documents if this should happen again.


DD, DS, DD's partner have been such a support, not yet been on my own in the evening or at night, OH works away, but have been alone for a couple of hours in the day. Will be home a lot next week as it is school holidays here so that may be a bit difficult, very jumpy at the moment :shock: .


Thank you all once again.



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