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The Weather Thread #9

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Yup, ban the swirlies!  Looks like it's on top or pretty close!


Here we've had some sun - definitely no storms.  Been dry too.  Just cloudy at the moment.  Right, back to glossing the last door and frames!  Luckily I had the inside job - his lordship was painting the garage doors and getting blinded by the sun on the white!  


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I hope you aren't having to swim down the garden!  

Today we have had sun.  OH said he drove through rain to get home - we had nothing!  Mind you, I was travelling home from the opposite direction - cough, quilt shop - but the ground wasn't even wet when I came home.  Beautiful cauliflower clouds at the moment.

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Yet more blumming snow here this morning, and I have had to cancel my advanced course as the road to the yard is very dodgy :roll: People come form all over the country for this one, so I don't cancel it lightly. Have been up since 4am watching the weather!

Getting really fed up with this now, and want spring to arrive.

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1 hour ago, Luvachicken said:

We have a similar amount too.

Unfortunately the wood pigeons have put loads of jump holes in mine.

I do like tidy snow :lol:

Cat tails, did you not get any snow from this mini beast from the East ?

A handful of flakes... not even enough to scare the chickens! Just the right amount for me though! Keeps me driving my motorcycle!

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Funniest thing was yesterday with the first dusting.  A pigeon was on the roof of the greenhouse and thought it would just hop down to the gutter.  Big mistake, it slipped, it's feet shot out up in the air and it slid all the way down to the gutter on it's bottom and tail!  It did regain some balance enough to grip on the edge of the guttering.  I just howled laughing!   

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