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What have you cooked today?

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We bought Elizabeth David's Table book just before Christmas from the Book Poeple and we also bought a copy for a friend who loved it. We cooked her chicken with tarragon tonight and served it with HFW's leeks and greens made with fresh leeks straight from the allotment. It was yummy :D


The book is lovely and is also a good read as well as a good collection of her recipes.

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Made our favourite chicken and bacon pie with puff pastry today and a loaf of bread. Karen is popping over tomorrow with a brace of pheasants from the shoot she was on today; I shan't bother plucking them as it's a pain when they are cold but I will skin them and take the breast and thigh meat off.... I feel a game pie coming on!

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Game pie - yum :D Tonight I will be making a venison stroganoff with some cheap venison I bought just after Christmas and froze. We got Yotam Ottolenghi's book Plenty for Christmas. Its veggie and full of easy recipes, mostly with a herby/spicy Mediterranean/Middle Eastern twist. Yesterday I made a lentil, coriander and pomegranate (3 for £1 in Asda!) salad to go with some grilled haloumi and a green salad.

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A batch of muesli, which I suppose is really a granola, which smells amazing just having come out of the oven. Still have some nuts and fair trade fruit to add. :D



Ooh, can I have the recipe please?


Course you can, I got it from a super bed and breakfast in York called Feversham Lodge. If anyone is thinking of having a few days in York we can thoroughly recommend this B & B, one of the best we have been to and not expensive. This is the Feversham Lodge Muesli recipe, which they kindly gave us when we left.


Ingredients for base

8 cups oats (I use a medium sized mug that holds 250 ml liquid as the measure).

1 cup dessicated coconut

1 cup sunflower seeds (I use a mixture of sunflower, pumpkin, and sesame)

1 cup oat bran

3oz brown sugar

4floz honey

4floz hot water

5floz oil such as sunflower or rape seed oil


Mix all dry ingredients together and put in a large roasting pan or similar ovenproof dish.

In a measuring jug mix the honey, hot water and oil and pour all over the dry ingredients turning continually with a spoon to ensure that nothing is left totally dry.


Place in a pre-heated oven (120 deg C/240F/ gas mark 2) stir well after half an hour, and then at twenty minute intervals for another hour (total time one and a half hours),


(You need to get it dry before storage so you might feel you need to put some of the mixture at some stage into another roasting tin to finish "cooking". Watch out though to see it does not overbrown around the edges)


Once the muesli has cooled, stir in:

Additions: 1 cup chopped nuts, 1 cup of raisins, (that is the owner of the recipe's personal choice and she advises to experiment) I like adding some chopped apricots with the fruit.


Hope you enjoy as much as we do,


Trish (SylvisMum)

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I've been a busy bee today! Slow roasted a shoulder of pork for lunch. Simmered down some steak and kidney for a pie filling and fried off some mince before slow cooking it for a Spaghetti Bolognese later in the week. I like to have things ready for the week ahead or we end up coming in from work and can't be bothered!

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At home today, I made some little bread rolls with sesame seeds sprinkled over, and also a brioche from Paul Hollywood's book. He advised chilling it for at least 7 hours in the fridge after mixing, but I decided to put it out in the snow to chill. Well covered up! :lol: That sped up the time it took to get solid enough to shape. It has turned out well, although rather darker than in his picture - not tasted it yet but it smells lovely. We have also had chicken with mushrooms and rice - using minimal chicken as per the meal in 30 mins costing less than £3 thread. I think it worked out to more than £3 as there were lots of mushrooms. :)

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For lunch today I had a left over veg bubble and squeak (mashed potato with grain mustard, sweet corn, cabbage and a bit of broccoli) topped with something I am pretty sure I have never had; a fried ducks egg. Mmmm very nice. The yolks are very rich. Also made some pancakes with two girls eggs and a ducks egg which have come out quite yellow rather than the usual pale cream.

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