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My dad - R.I.P.

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Very sad to say my lovely dad, who was 91, passed away at his nursing home this evening. He'd been going downhill for a few weeks but it was still a bit of a shock. The doctor had diagnosed pneumonia this afternoon and I waited with him from 4 tilll 6 for the ambulance (which didn't come as there wasn't a bed). I went home and then got a call at 7.45 to say they'd called 999 as he was very unwell. We arrived at 8pm but sadly he'd died just before we got there. He went fairly peacefully and quickly which I'm thankful for.


One good thing has come out of it, at least. I had to break the news to my mum (who I've been estranged from for a couple of years) so we are talking again. Such a shame it took dad's death for it to happen.

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