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The Weather Thread # 8

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Persisting down here too :roll:


The nearest it has got to stopping is a sort of heavy drizzle.


We have a summerhouse half up, it is without a roof and floor at the moment, thankfully all the walls were waterproofed before construction :)


Oh has a big birthday tomorrow, and insists the weather is always good on his birthday, I can't remember so am hoping he is right :pray:

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I hope you're right CC, and that OH enjoys his Big Birthday.


Apart from a brief brighter spell just after lunch, it has been wet of some sort all day, neighbour has just told me that the M40 is backed up - no surprise there then :roll: I am just off out with a friend and her dogs; we will be well togged up, so shan't get wet.


On a positive note... my water butts are all full 8)

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