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Ain't Nobody Here

New puppy! Now 8 months old!

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After the heartache of losing lovely Riley, we couldn't bear being without a dog so immediately started looking for a new one. We looked at a few rescues but they weren't deemed suitable for the chickens and we weren't very confident taking on a dog with the issues so many of them have.


I think it was meant to be - we had just decided to go down the puppy route and I came across an ad (only posted 25 mins beforehand) for Springer/Collie puppies.


So please meet the lovely Cassie :D . We picked her up from a farm in Lockerbie last Tuesday and she's stolen all our hearts. She is such a wee character - friendly, mischievous, confident and such a quick learner. Her mum is a lovely Springer and her dad a "failed" sheepdog, both beautiful dogs.


We are all besotted :P .







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Ahh, I just squealed!!

Congratulations, she looks adorable :D


I know exactly what you mean about not being able to bear life without a dog. We felt just the same after losing our boy and it wasn't long before we got a pup.


I'm sure that the lovely Riley would approve :wink:

Lots of fun ahead, more photo's soon please!

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I'm having such fun with Cassie, she's just adorable (apart from when she's being Piranha Pup in the mornings :shock: ). She's met about half a dozen dogs (in friend's houses) and is very friendly and confident with them. She's learning so quickly (I'm working my way through The Dogs' Trust training videos, which are great) and has been sleeping through the night since day 3 (she'd been sleeping in a pet carrier in our room but took herself off into her crate in the livingroom at bedtime a week ago).




My son multi-tasking



Puppy paws (to track the pink turning black!)


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